Cooking and teaching - project me day 471

16 April 2011
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It's been a crazy week and I have moments of trying to distinguish what happened when. And then there is joy of ending it all with the combination of my two favourite things ... cooking and teaching .

Greggie always reminds me that life is not a competition, but my family history has kind of ingrained it in me and I'm do a lot of 'project me' work that entails putting the blinkers on and doing and being just because I can.

So the over the top dinner wasn't to top Twinkletoes' roast chicken or Greggie's seafood risotto. It was about me ... well, me and a student, who has become a friend, who has become a cooking partner. We shall call him Prince. He's already rescued my once by digging splinters out of my finger and he has the?archetypal?charm that would put most Disney princes to shame.

So ... we planned a menu for about two weeks. Each night that Greggie and I taught archetypes someone else would take their turn to cook. Future students, don't get attached to the idea ... it's the rarest teaching arrangement we have had to date.

Rare roast fillet drizzled in chilli chocolate sauce has only been savoured by both the Prince and I in restaurants, but it's good to find someone else who is daring in the kitchen. Greggie always tries new dishes when there is company coming over and most people say they would practice first, but who are you cooking for then? Thanks for that amazing lesson my friend.

As for the teaching, well that gives me?indescribable joy!

I'm having one of those limbo days where I feel as though I'm passing the time and waiting for the gods to shout down answers so I don't have to think for myself. I just thought I should throw that in before I head on out to Greggie ... for left overs and to hear him tell me some of the things I teach the world!

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