Cooking weather - project me day 318

18 November 2010

It's not exactly coastal holiday weather so there has been a lot of indoor time and the three of us plus the two doggies have had to occupy ourselves without killing each other. At least the dogs have tennis balls to chew on and feet to lie on, but the three humans had a little more work to do ...

The secret to a great omelette is ...

I always miss my dad a lot when I'm on holiday. I guess it's because I love cooking most of all when I'm on holiday. I think it's my best way of playing my part in making a holiday different from the norm back home ... so I cook! I inherited my love for cooking and creative ideas from my dad and I would have snapped a pic and sent it to him, for sure. He taught me how to make the perfect omelette ... the secret is in?separating?the white from the yolk and whipping the white until it almost peaks. One drop of egg yolk and it's a flop.

A friend of mine's mom always said that your mood shows in everything you cook and I show how much I love people in the food I feed them ... no wonder the omelettes turned out so perfectly!

Greggie totally gets credit for the strawberries, me for the Pimm's and Irvin for making them both look so damn good

I grew up drinking Pimm's No1 and lemonade, filled with apples, orange, strawberries, cucumber and mint. It's such a holiday drink!
For the 'project me' update ... my back has gone into a bit of shock after being so active and I've had to pop those freakin' anti-inflammatories ... so I didn't get to enjoy nearly as much Pimm's as I would have liked. Greggie did pose the question: What's the worst that can happen? I didn't feel like finding out when I'm not too sure where the closest hospital is 😉

No credit here ... the wow goes to Greggie

Okay, so we are totally indulging on this holiday, but isn't that what life shout be about?
All credit goes to my multi talented friend for the yummy creation. Greggie also gets the thumbs up for the introducing us to the card game 'shithead'.

There is such a competition going on here and I'm losing. I'm not the best loser. I don't get totally bitchy, although I have been known to have my moments, but I do get sulky. I've even tried to remind them that my back is sore and they should be nice to me, but that's not working either ... sigh!

I'm trying not to be on the laptop too much because it's holiday time, but it is a challenge. I'm reading Paulo Coelho's The Devil and Miss Prym and he's one of my greatest writing inspirations. It's now weighing on my head to finish my novel ?Ephineah and get it out there into the world. I'm sure you have noticed that every few months I state that I am ready to finish it ... and then nothing. At some point it has to be different ... Not on this holiday though ... so I'm trying NOT to be on the computer too much.

Irvin, on the other hand, is spending a lot of time on the computer and I can see Greggie wishing that both his Libran friends would just relax for a while. I'm sure it's one of the most difficult things to do for some people ... Irvin does have a very good excuse though because he's setting up his blog and I can't wait for the world to see it. The companion in me loves watching someone I care about bring their dreams to reality and I just want to help! Somethings all I can do is support from a distance ... which is some things that interfering friends (no names mentioned) totally need to learn about me and my kitchen 😉

8 comments on “Cooking weather - project me day 318”


    hehehehe... well, the Weatherman has promised the weather will get better tomorrow. So, bet your bottom dollar on tomorrow 😉

    Some very nice pics 🙂
    My recent post Under the Sea

  2. Awesome photos! Um can you come visit and cook for me someday?? LOL.

    Sorry to hear your back is giving you problems again, but it sounds like you are having fun anyway!
    My recent post Maniac in waiting

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