Cool cat weekend - project me day 373

8 January 2011

I definitely need to find me one of them 'how to chill-out for dummy's' books. Once again, no amount of practicing or faking it (the chilling out that is) ever gets me totally prepared for a sudden burst of workaholic mania. Unfortunately (or is it fortunately?) my back has been really tired the last few days, so pushing it is out of the question.?So what does a girl do when the brain had every intention of editing at least 2 chapters of the novel and the body has every intention of chillaxing?

Who says cats can't be loyal? I don't what anyone is talking about because Saphirah is snuggled by my side all day. Her little bell jingles wherever I go as she traces her steps behind me. She plays with her little ball for ages while I'm working and sleeps on my lap when it's chill out time. So much for Miss?Independent?and yay for me, I'm loving every moment of the?unconditional?love.

So, today my body won't allow me to work and it's been interfering with my brain. Actually, my brain just won't shut up. There I'm trying to watch a simple movie and my head is wandering off to new plots for new novels and editing documents and ... blah, blah, blah! Yet, there kitty is, chilled out and sleeping with nothing important on the brain. 'Project me' isn't about forcing me to do anything, it's about making sure that I'm conscious of everything I'm doing. Granted, I had to put some damn conscious effort into chilling out but I got it right ... well, sort of!

Instead of taking little pee break between movie, I took like pea-k breaks at my laptop. The usual ... my stats, my Twitter mentions, my friends Facebook status and it seems everyone is having a cool cat weekend. Then why can't I? Oh wait, I can.

All I have to do is scrap the idea of having to do a blog with much depth, slam the laptop shut and go chill ... it is the weekend after all! Isn't that what normal people do on the weekend? If' you're curious as to why I'm not out on the town, that's because I have plans every night next week and ... oh, that's bullshit! The truth is that I'm too lazy to even get dress, brush my hair or take a bath for that matter. Yep, haven't bathed today!

Right, I'm about to introduce my mother to Little?Britain?USA! Well, she doesn't know Little Britain at all ... so eeeekkk ... tee hee! Let's see how hip and open minded mom really is! Update tomorrow ... unless she shoots me, of course!

4 comments on “Cool cat weekend - project me day 373”

  1. We love little britain!

    Yeh but no but yeh but no

    And our favourite I love you more than has got to be hands down....I love you more than black c*ck! Tee hee 🙂

    I am fully aware this comment may just be deleted!

    1. Ah, you'd never be deleted kiddo ... lol!
      If mom can survive that I love you more than ... she should be fine from here on out! Tee hee hee hee!

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