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1 February 2013
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There's a song called "country comforts" by one of my fave country singers and most definitely one that makes me think country boys and the hottest, sweetest men on earth ... Keith Urban. It's one of those songs about living on a farm, driving a tractor and I'm sure, totally not known in these Southern parts.

I know, maybe my love for it is crazy, but if I could find it with ease in SA or go see one of the concerts I dream of seeing, while I watch all my mates go to at least 3 or 4 major concerts a year, I'm sure my energy would be totally bearable and normal. But no ... it's rare in these parts and I'm sure some part of my soul was left there in the Southern US or A.

So I don't really think small when it comes to my visions and I've been talking about sharing some of the incredible country songs with some people who think it's all about Dolly Parton or Kenny Rogers. I would need a platform that ... like a radio station to be precise. This is old news for me and I've even chatted to a few people in the radio industry. I've done my pitch to people ... but nothing!

Well, now it's not nothing ... it's ChaiFM Country Comforts

Who wouldn't love cowboys like this? ... Meet Deacon from the series Nashville!

Who wouldn't love cowboys like this? ... Meet Deacon from the series Nashville!

It all begins this Sunday morning at 10:45am SA time (so my far away peeps, Google the time difference ;p) on the Helen Desbois show called The Rewind. Helen and I have had a whirlwind connection and within a few days, one breakfast and a phone call, we've created a segment that links my #projectme story to a country song that's carried me though.

I've blogged about so many of them and have hoped that at least a few of you have been touched by one or two special stories that the songs share or messages that they have to offer. And now I can take it one step further ... just like I've dreamed of doing. There a country song for this moment, so tune in every Sunday ... Tune in on 101.9FM or live stream it on the Chai FM website

Another song I'm going to share soon is about a girl who keeps having to ask her folks for money while she tries establish herself, and then she gets to give them money once she's made her dreams come true. I really beginning to feel like that. Work opportunities are happening and so is my establishment of somebody worth knowing in both the blogging and social media space. It's another thing I always set out to do, with the intention of use the platforms to just carry on living my purpose. The purpose of showing others that with a whole lot of courage, consciousness and a sense of humour, anyone can achieve anything they set their hearts on.

That came true a little more for me this week when I was interviewed in my home by Daniela Bascelli AKA @socialbizsavvy. It was one of the most special moments and certainly my favourite interview, surrounded by my cats and in the beautiful home that my mom and I have created together.

I'm slowly starting to see my #projectme journey as more than just some attention on my life and the end of day reviews of my life. In the interview, discussing how far I've come, where I started and where I'm going, I truly began to understand that making oneself our own project and living each day putting ourselves first, telling ourselves the truth and setting our compass to happy is the rarest gift we can give ourselves. I love give myself that gift and I hope that the interview inspires you to live a little braver and bolder.

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