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Archetypes hold the key to knowing yourself and telling yourself the truth about why you act and react the way you do. By working with the 12 archetypes uniquely creating your personality, you can make sense of you.  

An archetype is best described as a universally recognised persona with specific characteristics that takes on a role that most people would be able to define. 

Carl Jung worked a lot with archetypes in developing his psychological theories and years later, Caroline Myss developed a tool for you to discover your 12 archetypes.  

In this course, we take you through a process adapted from Myss’s work not only to discover your archetypes, but to help you work with them too. This tool opens up a whole new way of viewing yourself and the world that can make your journey so much more conscious and fun. Understanding you brings empathy and compassion into your interactions with others.

Features of this course

  • Start and end the course whenever you like - you're not tied to any course dates
  • Work at your own pace
  • We have inserted touch-points (online calls) at recommended points in the process, however, you can schedule them as and when you like
  • The touch-points can be scheduled at a time that suits you, anywhere in the world (within our waking hours of course!) and will be hosted by Greg and/or Jodene, depending on their availability
  • You can jump ahead to different lessons as and when you wish, although we recommend that you follow the order to make more sense of the archetypal wheel

We look forward to meeting you along this journey!