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Working Through the Inevitable Waves of Money Flow

Welcome to the second part of the Money and Me Online Course that helps you build a conscious and confident relationship with money.

Before we go any further, ensure that you have first completed Money and Me Course One

From the first course, you will understand the foundation needed to build a conscious relationship with money, as well as the dynamic of money and the way it aligns with the universe and manifestation. The course ended with handy tools to ensure that you have an ever-evolving relationship with money.

Although the first course has changed many lives, there has been a call for more help with money relationships, because the dynamic between money and us has shifted with time.

This is my opportunity to get deeply vulnerable and explain to you why this new course has evolved. Since I created the Money and Me course and worked intently to build a new, much healthier relationship with money, I started believing that our relationship could only go from strength to strength. The blind spot in that statement is my ego's perception that, in my relationship with money, I would no longer have to struggle and feel backed into financial corners. 

I once again felt lost and confused in my relationship with money. Because I have done this work myself, and am the one who created it, it has taken a while to accept that I have been missing something in this relationship.

Innately I am a teacher, and it is impossible for me not to go back to the drawing board to see the lessons that I still need to learn and, in my process, the second Money and Me Course was born.

What is in Course Two

In this course, you will work through the tool that I was intuitively guided to take myself and my business partner through to truly understand what we were missing in the messaging from money. 

This is where the courses link with each other. Money is a collaborator with our soul and the universe. Nowhere in this process was there questioning about our intimate, healthy relationship with money. If you do not feel your relationship is stable enough, then it is important to return to Course One and make sure you know that anything that is unfolding between you and money is always for your greater good. Before you can confidently embark on this course, you must be sure that you are deeply rooted in the intimate money relationship created before.

In the process that follows, you will be taken through the understanding of why money works in waves. Thereafter, the acronym of WAVES will be an added tool that you can consistently use every time you meet a money dynamic of any kind.

Each section of the course will explain the acronym and lead to a series of steps and questions to work through. I suggest you brave the assignment within that section before you move to the next one, as the process of going through the waves is most effective when you do it one step at a time.

The outcome should be a clearer understanding of the depth of your self-worth and your willingness to learn, grow and ultimately transform. Through WAVES, the money shows us that we all get what we truly need and not what we want. Don't oversimplify the concept of asking for what you want. 

I have had people tell me they wanted a pair of shoes and they managed to buy them, or a special trip they dreamed about, and they brought it to life. Yes, those manifestations are easy. I haven’t met anyone who has told me that they manifested everything exactly as they wanted it. I also have never had anyone tell me that they would have preferred to get what they imagined, and that is because what life serves us is always better than our imagination. Don’t stop imagining, because you are digging into your subconscious when you do and giving yourself glimpses of how life could be different, which inspires bravery to try something new. 

However, truly going on a deep life journey is to not be navigated by the ego. To create the most fulfilling and joyful life possible is to surrender to the acceptance that braving the mystery and uncertainty of the unfolding of life is a vital part of conscious living. This is where money, our soul and our universe take us on a journey where the only destination we are certain of is fulfilment and joy. The trick is to learn to ride the waves and navigate the uncertainty. 

By the end of this course, you should have a tool that you can consistently turn to, a new depth of relationship with your money and yourself, and a bravery that only the waves of money can possibly take you to. 

How To Work Through This Course

We have provided three ways for you to work through this Money and Me course. All three contain the same content but will appeal differently depending on your learning style.

  1. You can read through the text in each lesson, which is accompanied by helpful images. This allows you to go at your own pace and splits the content into easily digestible pieces.
  2. You can watch the videos in the first lesson of each section, where Jodene works through the content of all the lessons in that section.
  3. You can download the PDF course notes under the Materials tab of the last lesson of each section, print and write on them, if you wish. We know how some of you still prefer to learn with paper and so we have thought of you when providing these.

Or you can do all three if you want! This way you have extra opportunity to learn and grasp the concepts.