Money and Me

"I have (now) felt completely at ease to have the courage to address some of the stumbling blocks that have been holding me back from developing a long and lasting relationship with money" - Raksha

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Money And Me Course

Welcome to Money and Me, your 5 session course which is designed to dynamically change your relationship with money.

The key word in this course is ‘relationship’, as it is not designed to teach you how to budget or reduce debt. It teaches the step before the practicality of changing your financial situation, which is to energetically transform your relationship with money first.

As this is a transformational course, there is no certification at the end of it. Instead, you will gain a deep understanding of what a healthy relationship with money should feel like. There is a congratulatory gift once you complete session 5, which is a guided meditation to take you one step deeper into your relationship with money.