Craig Smith gets to know me - project me day 379

14 January 2011
Today is an exciting beginning to a new chapter of 'project me' for me. Of all the things that I have loved about my journey as a blogger, I have been so grateful for the incredible people I have met along the way. This year I have decided to start introducing them to you too. Some are dear friends, others are bloggers and writers and novelists and some might ... you! Because on of my lessons is?spontaneousness (that's the right word, right?) I have decided to let these peeps interact in any way they choose and my first guest chose to ask me 10 get to know me questions.
So it all begins with a South African writer, blogger and cyber friend who has been very supportive and encouraging as I feel my way around the foreign world of writing and publishing ... Thanks Craig!
Craig Smith is 27 years old and lives just outside Paarl. He loves coffee, poker, and the internet. Maybe just a little too much. Two of his novels have been published so far. Both are Young Adult Fantasy novels. The first one The Red Stone was released in 2007 and can can be found here:? The second Zoolin Vale and Chalice of Ringtar can be found here:? The links are to a British site but they are the cheapest and they have free delivery to SA. The books around R85 each. Or if you like you can get some Fanatics points and order them from Exclusive Books for just a little more. Here's a link:?
Here is what others have said about his writing:

A vivid fantasy world. A classic quest adventure. If you like Dungeons & Dragons, you will love what Craig Smith has to offer. - Herbie Brennan, author of the New York Times best-selling Faerie Wars series.

"An enjoyable read - highly recommended for fans of Fantasy novels" - Lood du Plessis,

"Craig's prose is deceptive in its simplicity, giving his characters layers of emotion, which also makes Zoolin Vale and the Chalice of Ringtar a quick and refreshingly honest Fantasy." - Davebrendon's Fantasy & Sci-Fi Weblog

Ask away Craig:

What is your favourite book and why?
Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. I can?t begin to say how this book captivated me and it?s like 1000 pages long. It?s based on the story of Gregory?s life after escaping from prison and finding himself living in the slums of India. If I had to earmark every page that taught me a life lesson ?

Look out your nearest window. What do you see? Do you like what you see?
Lol ? your timing is impeccable. The city council have just gone on a mission to put new street sighs up, with the name of the roads, that light up at night. Very fancy ? if only they had put the name of the road on straight 😉 Don?t panic, I?m moving in July!

Which movie do you wish you never saw?
7 years old! Being babysat by granny! Folks are overseas! Granny lets 5 little children choose the movie ? Bermuda Triangle, the horror!

How did you get the idea to start project me?
I watch Julie and Julia! Seriously, I was thinking the whole time: ?I can do that. That?s a great way to get some exposure while you carry on writing your book.?
I was already doing the living part of ?project me? but decided that being accountable to people reading my story might give me the push I needed to follow some things through that I had been putting off for years. The best decision I ever made ? thanks Julie!

What do you think of people who don't wear shoes in public areas?
This is a tricky one! I think it?s totally eeeeewww, but every time I ever see anyone I always stop and smile. One of my best friends passed away over 10 years ago now and he used to walk around bare foot. The number of times we fought about it ? oiy! PS ? he used to tell me Shaka Zulu did it and that made him a great warrior 😉

What book are you reading?
The book of lost things by John Connolly

If you could choose your final words what would they be?
?Top right hand drawer!? ? To my best friend who needs to get to my girlie naughty stash before poor family members have to pack up my belongings 😉

What is your favourite song?
Yay that you asked this ? I can never spread it around the world enough. I hope you dance by Leanne Womack

Do you have any new year's?resolutions?
To continue on and not feel as though I am starting over

What are you most looking forward to in 2011?
The continued journey of living ?project me? ? oh, and getting over my fear of elevators ? not really, but it?s time so we may as well make it fun, right?

Now go check out the questions I asked Craig:

2 comments on “Craig Smith gets to know me - project me day 379”

  1. Cool questions and I always love your answer Jodene. I don't have a blog but would like to ask you a few things. I am always captivated by the way you respond,.

    1. I've missed you Jess, hope all is well. I would love you to throw some questions my way! Maybe I can inspire you to blog ... who knows 😉

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