Crunchy ciabatta with sauteed beef - project me day 319

19 November 2010

Not only did ?I start this blog after watching Julie and Julia, but I did have this desire to try out some of the recipes that looked absolutely delicious. The only problem is that I'm not great at letting anyone tell me what to do, not even Julia Child. I have had my eye on a recipe the whole time and I decided that this holiday was the perfect moment for snacky finger food with a touch of class.

Of course you won't find this recipe anywhere else because I gave Julia's a total turn around and my own personal flair.

PS ... this is my first recipe I've ever posted online ... so much fun!


1 onion
1 cup of dry white wine
1 pack stir fry beef strips
5 big white mushrooms
1 packet brown onion soup
Salt & pepper

Cold Salad Ingredients

1 bunch/packet or rocket
1 punnet of baby tomatoes
1 handful of chives (about half a bunch/punnet)
5 spring onion


Finely grated mozzarella
Thin sprouts (beetroot sprouts are great for a touch of colour)


Heat the pan with a touch of oil and finely chop the onions into rings. Pan fry them by adding boiling water and letting it evaporate until onions are soft.
Add small chunks of meat to the pan and fry with the white wine.
Add half a packet of brown onion soup.
Cut the mushrooms into chunks and add it to the pan.
Leave it to simmer while you prepare the bread and salad. If it gets too dry, add a touch of water.

While simmering:

Cut the ciabatta into sizes for about 2 bites and place on a well greased baking tray. Leave this for last.

Chop rocket and chives into sizable pieces and throw into a salad bowl
Slice baby tomatoes into 4's
Chop spring onion into small rings

Pop the ciabatta into the oven on grill and watch it carefully. Turn it over so both sides get crunch.

Toss the simmered beef into the salad bowl and add salt and pepper to taste. Spoon the mix onto the ciabatta, sprinkle with grated cheese and spouts and serve.

Totally yummy and I hope you let me know how good a recipe giver I am 😉

Thanks to Irvin Sammons for the gorgeous photographs!

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  1. Thanks, and for any readers that are having difficulty chopping onions without the tears, here's an incredibly easy tip - put them in the fridge first, then chop them straight away after taking them out! No more tears! I found some more onion soup recipes here if anyone wants to try some more recipes.

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