Cupboard space - project me day 550

6 July 2011
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It's so freezing today that I'm battling to type. My brain has kinda frozen over and I keep hitting the wrong keys. I'm even thinking of not correcting any of the errors so you can see how bad it is. Okay, I must interject and say that I went to secretarial school and am a typing pro (if I may say so myself) who doesn't even have to look at the keys. Typo's freak me out ... basically!

Anyway, cold fingers and all ... I think half of the shaking is because things are moving so fast with work and Mr Unexpected. I have been man-down for most of this week and only really felt well enough to get back on track today, but on the other hand, I feel a little frozen with fear/excitement.

I keep saying it, the feeling of fear and excitement are pretty much the same when teasing the body. The butterflies and not wanting to eat anything but chocolate.

There are skype meetings, business lunches, potential clients and the whole time all I keep doing is going back to my bedroom to open the cupboard. Yes, I open it and look at the shelf now allocated to Mr Unexpected ... I get more butterflies and then I go back to the laptop and stare at it for a while.

We have been friends for nearly 2 years. Well, that's how long we have been chatting for. We aren't kids and we both trust our intuition completely. I mean really, I have been shoving the?inevitable?away for months now. So I'm not surprised that he's literally moving in because life threw us perfect timing. Mom's off to Ireland for a week on Saturday and my brother is thrilled that he doesn't have to babysit his 37 year old sister.

I know ... I know ... I would be fine on my own, but who wants to be alone in a big house when you can play house with someone who just feels as though he's always belonged in my space ... you know that there's freaking out behind all these worlds. Cupboard space ... like move your stuff in and I don't see you moving out kinda vibe. Maybe I'm right ... maybe I'm wrong! None the less ... It's either freaking freezing, so I'm shaking OR I'm nervous and excited all in one so I'm shaking.

Where's that relationship handbook again??

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