#D500: Beyond words - project me day 501

16 May 2011

Although I spend my life blogging thousands of words a day and Twitter might be limited to 120 characters but the possibility is endless, there are times when a picture truly does paint a thousand words.
I can't begin to express my gratitude to everyone who embraced the excitement of my 500 days of blogging and I am thrilled to thank my latest sponsor, Skyetor photography for capturing my celebration so that I can share it with you all now.

So here it is ...

Cafe Culture in Pineslopes Shopping Centre where the most gracious hosts with a special mention of the prego rolls that certainly are a signature delight! Kerry, thank you so much for the hospitality and for the incredible venue that you have. I can't wait to host more Lifeology events there! Follow @cafeculturersa on Twitter.

To 6on13th for being an incredible sponsor of the #D500 event and for the awesome giveaway of the handbag that my mother won fair and square. We did a live Twitter competition where the person with the weirdest thing in their handbag won. Bless my mom ... she had the original cover that her handbag was purchased in. Need I say more. To Bev, Mattie and Claire ... I will never forget the enthusiasm with which you supported me and I look forward to so many more exciting functions together.

Thank you to The Residence hotel for providing chocolates that accompanied the info on all of my sponsors. I am blessed to have people who support Project Me: Hustler Extreme, Slimlab, Regim A, Thava Indian Restaurant, web new SA and?Skyetor Photography

Let the Tweeting begin! In this picture is Melanie Minnaar from The Twitter Blanket Drive and Dean from UCit Social Buying.

Our very special mommies! On the left is Greggie's mom and the right is my mommy ... Hello mommies and thank you for the unfailing support in Lifeology and us two crazy kids.
And there in the background is JohnnyBoixxx and Hustler Girl's Ponkie who isn't on Twitter (as yet).

My beautiful friend, Hustler Girl who looks damn fine for feeling so sick! Thank you for making it to the event despite all your fluiness and for always supporting me!

Yummy ... Cafe Culture officially rocks for the best prego rolls and potato wedges in town!

Greggie and I forgot to pose for pics (for a change) ... so this is the one and only, but still a gem!

I choose things because they are pretty and they don't have to make practical sense at all. I should have thought of that when I decided that the gerbera would be the icon for project me. What's the joke ... I look at plants and they wither away, but thanks to Hustler Girl, Greggie and Ponkie for the special gift anyway! Hold thumbs and let's see if it lasts until #D1K.

My Twitter friend, @Champ_Payne, who has the ability to make nonsense sound like sense and then turns into the person I like talking to the most when sense is what I'm craving!

The awesome team from NewsClip SA,? Joanne and Lindsey. It was such an honour to have you lovely ladies join the celebrations and thank you for embracing project me with such enthusiasm! I can't wait for the interview 😉

These 3 crazy kids are proof that Twitter has the ability to go beyond work and just bring new friends my way! Thank you so much to Mike, Liza and Harm for making my event that over the top amount of fun. Liza, not many people admit to following Kim Kardashian with such enthusiasm so you deserved the prize hunny!

My dearest friend and sponsor, Niel who taunted me before the event and told me he couldn't make it, would be running late, was coming in slip slops ... and anything else to frazzle my nerves. Thanks for the support my hunny ... you truly are one in a million (take that any way you like!!)

Within this crowd are some magical people who I can't begin to thank for making the build up to #D500 and the night so spectacular. I met so many of you for the first time last night and I felt as though I have known you forever.
A special thank you to Norwin and Joslyn for your incredible support.
Then there are my dear friends Bryan and Trevor who embrace the whole Twitter, blogging, social networking thing with so much to learn ... lol ... but I'm there to help! You never know ...

What would Greggie be without sporting a handbag? Thanks to him and Kerry from Cafe Culture for making the Kathy competition giveaway such fun.
On this note, I have to say a special thank you to my best friend and business partner for an amazing evening and for being the MC for the night. Greggie, you post for day 500 was beyond words and I am so excited to travel each day of of the journey to the days that follow, with you by my side!

There's mommy and Kerry with the winning bag!

And lastly ... here's me! The happiest and luckiest girl in the whole wide world! Thanks to each of you, online and off, for making #D500 so spectacular.
So many people asked me if it would be the last blog and other asked where-to from here! No ... it's far from the last and I'm never one to say where anything is going judging from the place I started and the unexpectedly magical place I ended up.


I want to take a moment to thank my dearest blogging friends, Traci and Nikki for such special messages that Greggie read out to all my guests. To Robbie, I'm so thrilled that you took the time to send your message to me and I thank you for the dedication to commenting on my blog after all these days. To my Soldier Guy all the way over there in Canada ... you are one special person and thank you for the message.
One message I want to share with you is from my friend Alexes AKA One Cluttered Brain who does these awesome vlogs and dedicated on just to me. My brainy friend ... while everyone else danced and moved to your dedication ... I cried ... thank you for taking the time and for making my milestone such a treasured one. This vid is not to be missed 😉

7 comments on “#D500: Beyond words - project me day 501”

  1. hee-hee...Lovely pics! They went all out didn't they? the food looks yummy at cafe culture...
    Hope you got some rest!
    Love U babe!
    I'm such a dork....Love this video I made....hee-hee. Oh my!

  2. Last night was fantastic, so good to meet everyone, although I was not on top form I promise next time to chat more to everyone!

    Jo it was incredible to see just how many lives you have touched on your journey and all the support you have.

    Oh and loved the vlog from alexes still tapping my toes!

    On the downside - we forgot to take our part packs 🙁

    1. Thank you so much for all the love and support my friend ... I hope you are feeling better and ready to rock and roll on Thursday ... shout if you need any help!

  3. Looks like a blast. So sad that I live in a virtual black hole... one of the joys of living in the middle of nowhere I guess 🙁

    But... WILL be there for D1k 😉

    Until then keep blogging away 😀
    My recent post Tonight Tonight

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