Daily blogging and the need to chill - project me day 712

14 December 2011

Some of the greatest plans aren't always thought out to the very end and this daily blogging thing has run into one of those very moments.

I'm so?committed?to the daily blogging ... trust me, there's no gun to my head. I also know that it's called a daily blog for that very reason, but on the other hand I've never quite needed a break like I do right now ...

I considered doing a weeks worth of blogging and scheduling them, but that's not quite possible when the energy of the blog is all about living each day in the moment.

And then it hit me ...

A combination of finding a way to seriously relax but still be in the moment ...

I'm totally taking advantage of my man for this one and for the next week I will be posting a photograph a day that captures one 'project me' moment in my life.

No words ...

No explanations ...

No need to explain something when a picture says it all!

Where ever you are and how ever you are spending this festive season I wish you captured moments that remind you of just how perfectly divine your life is at this very moment!

3 comments on “Daily blogging and the need to chill - project me day 712”

    1. Thanks hun ... it\'s making me so conscious of being in the moment and I must admit that I\'m enjoying the break from writing for a while.

    2. Thanks my friend ... I need the break from writing and every moment of taking these pics has been so very special! Have a magical festive season!

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