Dare to share the content of your handbag? - Project Me post 1021

16 June 2014

I confess, I'm doing this because I'm a little shocked at what has crept it's way into my handbag over just a few weeks. Now that I have a fancy bag that didn't cost me a few Rands, I take lots of pride in sorting it out.

Of late, life's been a little crazy and I think it's human nature to slip back into neglect very quickly.

There is something I do pride myself in and that's seeing the funny side of life. Yep, I'm the girl who usually laughs inappropriately. Trust me, I've learned to bite my lip to avoid giggles, a lot.

So here's the funny ... The content of my handbag!

handbag project me

Oh, where to begin!

With the first thing I pull out, of course ...

One loose R10 note ... yes, I have a purse that it belongs in.
Anti-bacterial wipes ... I'm not that OCD at all, so they are nearly dried out, but there for emergencies anyway.
Designer (matching) purse ... let me add that I had this design on my vision board from the season the Paul's Boutique range came out. Dream do come true!!! Okay, working your butt off and staring at your vision board ever day also totally works!

Where were we...

My client worlds colliding with my Joburg Theatre entrance tag on my Peugeot lanyard.
At this point, I'm digging out my sparkly gold makeup purse ... which is empty, because all the contents are, yep, at the bottom of the bag.
Gold (fake) compact mirror ... now tossed into makeup purse
Drivers licence ... which does have a special place in my purse, on a good day.
Woolworths gift card ... oooh, I have no idea if it's empty or not!!!
Name tag from the HP printer #Inkology event I went to. (Not going back in the bag!)
One pen from The Maslow Hotel ... trust me, not the only pen in there!
Lipstick ... The coral shade! Also, totally not the only one at the bottom of the bag.
ID book ... which also has a specific space on a good day.
Oh look ... sparking wine cork!! I can explain ... you see, well, um *grins*
USB in a little media box ... Yes, I get them at every event ... Yes, they are all at the bottom of my bag
Black eyeliner ... back in the purse
Travel shampoo & conditioner ... what? My sister's a hairdresser. She gives me this stuff (randomly)
Lipstick No 2 ... Another shade of coral
Chewing gum wrapper
Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream ... it's winter ... this is how I survive it!
Yoghurt lid ... okay, that's the first gross thing I've had! At least I licked it before tossing it in there 🙂
USB No 2
Joburg Theatre parking card ... which should so be in my car!
Pen No 2 ... No name brand!
House keys!
Oooh, another R10 ... back where it belongs
Lipstick No 3 ... nectarine (which is close to coral)
Yum, chocolate ... wait, how long has it been in here again? Oh please ... you would eat it too!
Spare house remote ... um, that should be in a safe place, right?
USB output point ... you know, the part that plugs into the lighter (only needed in my loyal, old car ... which is still at the panel beaters after the accident, by the way!)
Lip liner ... nutmeg (to go with the coral)
Business cards ... between 4 & 6, which will be added into the outlook address book, eventually! In the meantime ... shoved in purse!
Lip therapy ... cheaper version of eight hour cream!
Rescue remedy pills in little pill case ... *pops two* because life needs a little rescuing.
Lipstick No 4 ... Too old for sticker with name of it, but it looks kinda like coral
Pen ... yep, another one!
Oh look at that, another cork from a bottle of bubbles ... just because!
Pen ... from another event!
Endearmint ... for emergencies! *resists eating it until emergency*
USB ... but this time, it's on a key chain
Hand cream ... because, winter!
Eye liner No 1 ... needs sharpening
Eye liner No 2 ... hmmm, needs sharpening
Oooh, chocolate ... okay if there were two then I think they must have been for my twin nephews. Oh well, now there's only one! *opens wrapper*

I kid you not ... the last 4 items are ...
Lipstick ... Close to coral
Eye liner ... sharpened
USB stick

Who can shamelessly beat that?

6 comments on “Dare to share the content of your handbag? - Project Me post 1021”

  1. LOL hilarious how it's kinda the same items multiplied. Hahaha as for the chocolate...I would indulge too

  2. I'm sure some personal items are missing from that collection. Distinct lack of feminine hygiene or *cough* entertainment products 😉

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