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20 September 2012
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It's been a quite week on the business front. Well, that's to say that we haven't had a whole lot of running around and going out to do, but the to do list is still mighty full. Because I believe that everything is exactly as it should be, I'm not surprised that it's full of all the things I've been putting off for quite a while ... live 4 years maybe.

My poor novel, that I truly love, started before my dad passed away and yesterday was 4 years since his passing. I told him the outline of Ephineah and I could see his usual smirk, wondering where he got this child that had all these 'wierd' ideas about healing the body. Said 'Ee-feen-e-yah', which only made him wonder about me more, Ephineah is a story about ... oh wait, let me rather throw the plot in right about now:

Shavon needed to be headstrong and aggressive as a political journalist, but when she confuses arrogance, exhaustion and an ailing body as the signs of success, she finds herself indefinably booked off work with a breakdown as her only reward.

Dressed in her usual work attire, Shavon arrives at the beach house offered to her by her wealthy cousin and finds herself quickly immersed in the lives of the family who live next door. The semi-retired couple, Ida and Lennon Briar have reaped the rewards of their success as Lennon slowly hands the last responsibilities of his business, to their son, Phedon. Ida spends her days spiritually awakening all those around her and taking care of her husband, their son and her granddaughter, Aldora. Phedon is a single parent who battles the demons of his past, but never loses sight that his daughter is his priority.

Shavon forms a unique relationship with each member of the Briar family and finds herself on a powerful journey of self discovery that is filled with opportunity to heal herself in the most magical and unconventional ways. ?Of all the unsuspecting events, none is more prominent than her meeting with and learning to love and accept Ephineah into her life.

This story is about discovering your truth, listening to the innocence of the child within and giving your dreams the freedom to sore before your body ails under the denial of your soul.

Ephineah is the story of listening to voices. Every one of them has a message waiting for you to pay attention and start living as though you were dreaming.

Timing truly is everything and last week Greggie and I were at a function where we met a fascinating man in the world of advertising. We ended up chatting about publishing because he's a published author and a very long story short, he said he wanted to see a few chapters of my novel.

This time I was determined to get some chapters to him, but the same thing that has always haunted me got to me again. The story is perfect in my world, but I always freak out because my strength is not spelling or?grammar. Actually, in my personal opinion,?I'm?shocking at it. ?So that's the stumbling block and it finally dawned on me.

So instead of backing down I called a friend of mine, GrammarC, who truly is the Gammar Police. It's part of her job and she loves reading. We've bonded over a very short period of time and I see a great friendship growing and she was thrilled to be a part of my journey with me. So now for the brave next step of sending her the first 10 chapters that I've proofread as best as I can.

I'm hoping it pushes me along because there are another 20 chapters that just need my final once over to make sure that I'm settled with the story. I keep on reading the first 10 chapter and then fall apart about the ... you guessed it ... grammar, and I stop.

So no more stopping ... who wants to read a chapter?

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