What a difference a year makes - project me post 992

11 December 2013

This time last year I was also wide awake. Listening to the birds singing at the start of a new day.
This time last year, however, I was waking up to the complete opposite of what I'm waking up to today.

Last night Greggie took me for dinner. Most of it was because we can, but a part of it was my need to celebrate. Amazingly, there's a part of me that personally thought the celebration was a bit ridiculous, but while sipping on a glass of wine, my bestie asked me if I remember where we were a year ago to the day.

I remember vividly!!
I was a shattered mess, sucking on rescue remedy, after waking up to the realisation that I was engaged to the wrong person. I was distraught and bewildered, despite the world around me thinking I was so brave to have told myself the truth. I was single again!!

I was also broke!!
Literally, the only client that we had, had forgotten that a small business actually does need to be paid before the year ends and Greggie and I were preparing ourselves for a festive season that we could hardly even muster up the pride to face.

A year ago, despite the world looking in and finding dozens of reasons to be proud of my Project Me journey ... I was a shattered girl holding onto a dream. Well, I was holding onto a few dreams actually. Well ... I was clinging on for my dear life.

Yep, I've bitched so badly about 2013!
I really have thought that this year was down right bitch to me, and on some levels that really has been true.

On the other hand, sitting across from my best friend last night and really reflecting on how very far our amazing business, Lifeology, has come and how much we have both shifted and grown.
I went out with the intention of toasting away a year of being single and came home having felt totally indulged in a night of gratitude and self reflection.

Honestly, when I planned this post in my head, it was filled with drama and reminiscing on a year that, on most days, I could bitch about. Instead, all I can reflect on is a year of opportunity, happiness, growth, abundance ... and all those other juicy words that we should all plaster on our vision boards and etch into our hearts.

Don't get me wrong ... I still can't wait for this year to be over! #JustSaying

3 comments on “What a difference a year makes - project me post 992”

  1. I love your openness and honesty Jodene! It's refreshing. Well, you are an inspiration. You are true to yourself and yes you are brave! A lot of women would have gone ahead with the marriage just for the sake of wearing a white gown. Then get divorced after 72 days or something like that. Keep going girlfriend and let's look forward to a fab 2014!

  2. I have followed your journey, and you should know, that it is your honesty that sets you apart. Onwards and upwards Jodene. ??????

  3. A lovely read. Sometimes we need to zoom out and in doing that acknowledge how good we actually have it. Congrats to you, Greg and Lifeology on an amazing year of growth and success. A great piece, all the best for 2014!

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