Do it until it's no longer fun - project me POST 848

3 May 2012

I finally did it!

I finally stopped for all the right reason!

It's amazing what happens when you finally have the courage to step away from the issue and give yourself some perspective and this blog dilemma has been no different. I can't believe how fixated I have been on hitting milestones, that so many dear people have wanted me to hit, that I've been forcing myself to do a post a day for far too long.

Don't get me wrong, I love blogging, I just am not the same girl who started blogging nearly 900 days ago. In the beginning I thought I could blog everyday, forever, and I would never want to do it any other way. Time and?consciousness?always has other plans for us, but then we stick to the plans that are safe ... like not missing a day of blogging until I reached 1000.


Totally obsessed with not letting others down, or missing a moment in my life that might be vital, I dredged on for far too long. The whole time there has never been a part of me that thought I would ever stop blogging completely, but forcing myself every day has started to show the signs. Thank heavens for amazing friends who point out the obvious loss of focus in my posts.

I can't begin to express how I tackled myself on the night I decided to miss a blog post for the first time. I even sat down a few times and nearly went though the forcing again ... and then managed to step away from the computer. The night seemed to drag on with some many arguments going on in my head, until the voice of reason spoke and changed everything.

One of the fundamental rules we teach in Lifeology is to only do that which you think is fun. When it's not fun, it's time to stop! When you do stop, chances are all you will need is to do something slightly different to start having fun again. Then, wham, it hit me. I can still hit 1000 and I still celebrate blogging for 3, 4,7 or 10 year.

So you'll notice the change ... my blogs now say POST instead of DAY! I'm still gonna hit 1000 ... it might be only days or it could be months after it should have been, but I still know I'm gonna get there and have amazing things to celebrate.

And of all the things I will celebrate is the bravery to do something different, even if it means I changed my plans and expectations I set out for my life.

So I'll be blogging ... when I feel like it!

Of all the posts, I do think this is the one that shows how very far I have come in my own 'project me' 😉


4 comments on “Do it until it's no longer fun - project me POST 848”

  1. Good to see a change of thinking about the change from days to posts and to blog when you feel like it!!! you can not live your life and blog everyday!! although having said that you achieved so much by doing it that way.
    My recent post

  2. crossing that bridge from what is expected to what you need is incredibly cathartic.

    1. So very true ... and today I feel like I'm getting it so right with a post filled with exciting things to share. Just one brave change 🙂

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