Do one thing each day that scares you - project me day 815

27 March 2012
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It's really one of the things that we try get people to do when we share our Lifeology?philosophies.

Amazingly, I really believe that I do that. It might not be huge things but in the time that I have been blogging, I have overcome so much because each step has been bearable and doable.

Today is another one of those steps when we charge an entrance for the first time at a #FollowSA event. Not a fear? Well it has been for me because of the move from free to paying events and my own issues of perception.

I'm about to dash upstairs and get dressed for the first night of the rest of my #FollowSA life ... a little nervous energy still bouncing around but I'm hoping to blog a very exciting rundown of events for tonight's #Newsvibez Tweetup!

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