Do something different - project me day 170

21 June 2010

Being labeled as a 'self help person' always gives everyone the perception that I have all of the answers and have done all my healing. ?I wish I had a penny for every time someone had a light bulb moment and then instantly began to panic because they did not know what to do next. I have been asked so many times what they need to do 'fix' what they have just realised.

I love my answer ... "Do something different!"
Yep ... anything ... as long as it's not what you would always do!

'Teacher Jodene' needed to take my own advice though! Here I am having had a whole lot of realisations over the past few weeks. Well ... no ... I've had a shitty time over the past few weeks and a light bulb moment at an unexpected moment. Oh yes, I had the exact same experience as everyone else. I had the moment and then didn't know what the hell to do with it.

My usual pattern would be to go shopping for healthy food and force myself to go to gym. Bring routine and structure back into my day. I was so tempted that I even got dressed for gym. Thank heavens for freezing weather and the fact that I'm babysitting my nephews a little more than usual now that my sister is involved in the world cup soccer. Between the cold and the kids ... I just didn't get there!
Yay ... yay that I didn't force myself into anything and repeat the usual patterns.

Instead, I went to the hairdresser and had the roots touched up so that I'm pretty blonde again. I failed to do something different there ... but I don't know if that was such a bad thing considering I would have only changed my hair in the hope that it would falsely make me feel better about myself. Actually ... my hairdresser picked that up and set me straight! There's nothing like having a bond with the man who holds the fate of your hair in his hands!

I did do something different though ... firstly, instead of wasting aimless time on the net and hoping to distract myself from myself by chatting to people, I tidied up some of the space that I have in my dad's 'space'. My mom and him had separate bathrooms and I've moved into that special place ... but my shit is just lying everywhere! So I decided that on father's day I would tidy it up a little and know he would be shining down on me with his unconditional love.
While doing that I had an idea on just how to be different and want to change something about the the clothes I wore before going out. Mum's wardrobe doesn't help seeing as though she's this tiny thing. Dad's would though ... and then I found it ... A HAT!

My mom cried when she was it ... floods of memories of all the times he wore it. We teased him that he looked like an old golfer and now I'm wearing it as a little fashion statement that signifies change.
It worked ... I loved it! I want to wear more hats! I want to go and by something for myself ... which is also different. I never spend money on clothes and it's even a push for me to relax and spend it on my hair ...
Mousse ... now that's super different. I have these natural curls but found a bottle of mousse lying around the cupboard while tidying up! Yep ... it's different for sure! It's taking the time to do my hair and not just let it hang ... and it goes so well with the hat!

It's really that much of a change ... realising that I haven't been kind to myself in so many ways and then dressing a touch differently to start.
It makes a difference ... people notice people wearing hats! Well I do anyway ... maybe it's just coz I've always wanted to and didn't think it would suit me! There's only one way to find that out ... do it!

Now what else can I find out about myself by just doing something different?

11 comments on “Do something different - project me day 170”

  1. Ah memories... It's amazing how small things can mean so much. Something as simple as a hat. 🙂

    I guess that's why my most valuable things are a weird collection of trinkets rather than anything of monetary value. Can't really place a value on memories... can't really place a value on those little things of mine.

    Funny enough my only thoughts yesterday were of my dad's pipe. While I've a few things of his it's by far the most valuable. A simple gift he received some 31 years ago, the occasion, his first fathers day. Just can't put a value on that one.
    My recent post Dreams

    1. It's so true hun. I look at the things that I value most with my dad and it's the memories and the thing that you can't put value to. I'm so thrilled at the way I remember my dad ... it's usually with a flight of the fish eagle whiskey 😉

  2. That is so cool. I love hats and have a whole stash of them, but I grew up with brothers and am a bit of a tomboy.

    Glad to see that you are getting back to your old self again.

    1. I'm so glad that it got so cold that I was forced to throw a hat on ... now I'm loving it!
      I grew up with far too many girls to be influenced into the fun tomboy life ... lol!!!

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