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3 October 2012
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Just when I thought I had come so far and was so sorted with all of my childhood issues, I sat in a meeting today and the outcome was very clearly, "sort out those issues from the past first and then we can move forward."

No, I wasn't sitting with a head doctor, in actual fact, I was sitting with my dear friend The Gossip Guy, who in my opinion is a PR fantastica. That's the strongest advice I got about taking myself and my career any further ... look back and get to the bottom of the deep seeded issues.

Why is it that I battle so much with self promotion? Why is that I want to be paid for my services but battle to put out into the world who my current clients are and what fabulous work I'm being paid to do? There are a whole lot of other why's that came out of today, but before I even get to those, I have to look at whatever is unfinished in my past.

I know it stems from a very uneasy relationship with money ... but I also now that I need to stop everything I'm doing tonight and shut my mind off so that I don't make up funny stories in my head.

So for tonight it's going to be an overdose of TV to numb the brain and then listening to some very important instructions from Greggie, to not do anything differently just because I think something needs to change.

Until tomorrow then ...

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