Doctor's note - project me day 243

1 September 2010

Jodene is excused from blogging on day 243 due to the serious damage she did to her back from being a total workaholic. She's being a good girl and resting though ...

11 comments on “Doctor's note - project me day 243”

  1. Once I can retain information, LOL, I'll get caught up on your posts.

    For now, just know that your not the only one resting although its not my back, my nose has sprung a leak, ;).

    Hope your back gets better soon! MWUAH.
    My recent post Yeah that helped me feel better

    1. I'm even slow on the replies and can't believe how frustrating back pain can be. I hope you feel better. One of us has to have a little energy to keep the other going ... lol!!!

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