Does it always have to have purpose? - project me day 573

1 August 2011
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It's late! I'm tired! It's been a long day! It's been a long week ... oh wait, it's only Monday.

If I had my way I would have simply posted a country song tonight or put a picture of Garfield with one of those "I hate Monday's" looks on his face. I would have had some explaining to do because I don't actually hate Mondays, I'm just a little tired and drained.

Yes, there's positive all around me but there are still a whole lot of things that are making me insecure and unsettled and blogging about it always takes me a while.

On the other hand, I've had one of those days where I really wanted to just post a song or shove a cartoon here but something is stopping me. I've created a monster in my head. I've created this voice ... damn, I hate voices in my head. The voices are reminding me that anyone new could stumble across this blog at any day and what if it's just a stupid song or cartoon? What if someone is trying to see my writing or hear what project me is all about and it's this blog about nothing?

I know, I know ... this is the opposite of 'project me'. Being anything I'm not in the moment is detrimental to what I am trying to achieve in my life. But all of a sudden I feel as though the pressure is on. The recognition is fabulous, but it's not paying the bills and yep ... it's that time of the month again!!

I'm rambling ... Filling in for where I just want to shove a picture of a song!
My thoughts are making big noises though ... hoping it's no-ones first visit. Hoping no-one things I'm not a great blogger or a powerful teacher ... still rambling ...


One comment on “Does it always have to have purpose? - project me day 573”

  1. Monday's have a way of making that happen! But... learn to live with it, Monday's will make up about 1/7th of your life 🙁

    The voices... once you learn to quieten your mind, listen and understand them, you'll be a lot better off. Or as the song goes:

    "I hear voices in my head
    They council me
    They understand
    They talk to me!"

    But hey, maybe the voices only really talk to me? 😀
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