Don't look a gift horse in the mouth ... China - project me day 762

2 February 2012
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What's this, you ask?

Well my bestie, Greggie, nearly wet his pants laughing when I gave him this very special gift, that he didn't realise had value until today.

Confession ... I'm a China Town shopper. Don't panic, I don't go there to buy fake Gucci. I learned that lesson when I was in Italy and was told that the buy and not the seller is fined. Something stuck from that day on and it's like Big Brother is watching. I'm thinking that was a double confession that I've had my share of faking it ... handbags, that is.

I go there for the cheap soya sauce and gallons of lime juice. Sadly I tried to buy chopstick once but seriously couldn't find ...?Murphy's law.

Then on the very odd?occasion there's this cheesy thing that I know is going to be totally effective. 9 times out of 10 it lasts a day and I'm not surprised. But then once in a blue moon there's a gem.

Meet my latest China Town gem and most probably the cheesiest but best gift I've given to Greggie to date. Yep, it's a small desk fan that plugs into the USB on your laptop. Who would have thunk. There's nothing like a nice hot day in Jozi to swallow your pride and try out the China Town special. Mine also blew me away today and I could help but pay my gratitude to this hard working fan that was first mocked and laughed at.

There's a life lesson in there somwhere and this little machine held it's blades up high, didn't listen to the mockery and worked it's butt off to keep both me and Greggie happy ... and make us believers.

A true "never give up story" right here ;p

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