Don't overdo it - project me day 282

11 October 2010

I had visions of returning home from a brilliant meeting at one of the most breathtakingly beautiful lifestyle hotels in Joburg but my body has asked me to go a little easy.
I'm beyond thrilled that my back did so well. I took the easiest day in preparation for this meeting and Greggie was on stand-by to run me home when the pain set in. The gorgeous setting mixed with wine and tabs let me enjoy myself 3 and a half hours. However I do know that giving my evening justice means I need to blog about it tomorrow.

It's given me something to look forward to though. Tomorrow I am going to attempt my first blog off my laptop and sitting at a desk. It gives me comfort knowing that I will have the Dragon Solutions speech recognition software in a few days, so if the blog is a battle I already have a plan.

This has been an amazing 'project me' day just because I managed to push myself ... But knew when to stop!

Well done body, mind and feisty spirit!

7 comments on “Don't overdo it - project me day 282”

  1. Knowing your limits allows you to know exactly where to make your last stand... when to accept defeat and when you still have enough left to keep going that little bit further.

    On the other hand, never forget the true power of a cocktail of tabs and wine 😉

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