Don't sneeze, it's dangerous - project me day 238

27 August 2010

Seriously, my back was healing even though I did have a draining day that kept me aching the whole of yesterday, but after a good night's rest I woke up not feeling that bad.

I was upset when a friend of mine cancelled our arrangements for breakfast this morning. Here's here from Cape Town and though he would find time to sneak away from the family to say 'hi' to me ... and thank goodness he cancelled. I'm equally thrilled that I had a chiro appointment scheduled for this morning. I was my intention to dash to the appointment, have her sit on me a few times and shove one or two needles in my butt. I had a meeting scheduled for 2pm, a blog to finish, an article to start and some pointers to make for the Sexpo talk - and then I sneezed!

Who would have thought that a sneeze could literally kick a disk right out, knock the wind out of my chest and almost have me drop to my knees. It did that! I'm so not?exaggerating ... I thought it was going to cripple me for life. The whole family had carried on with their day and it was one of those scenes when I had to slide down the wall to pick up my shoes, drag myself to a chair while holding the wall and heave my leg up by grabbing onto the bottom of my pants to put my shoes on. Driving was a bitch.

She took one look at me and "What did you do?"


How's this for news ... shes says that countless people are injured from a sneeze and that most people ignore back pain eventually have to surrender and go to a doc after one simple sneeze.
She did the whole treatment and then said she would teach me how to sneeze. While lying on the bed contemplating how I would roll off it and dare the attempt of standing, she tucked herself into the 'crash' position, bent her knees and said, "this is how you sneeze."

I just pictured standing in the middle of a shopping center and needing to a knee bending, body tucking, crash position sneeze. I guess that's a better option than crippling myself from a sneeze.

Right, I'm in bed for the weekend. Okay, I'm sneaking out on Saturday night to see Nataniel and on Sunday morning to celebrate my little sis's birthday ... but other than that ... I'm recovering from a sneeze.

My day wouldn't have been on where I could surrender to the pain if it were not for my incredible partner Greg Arthur who knows my workaholic personality and swept by posting our first Lifeology guest blog on Step Aside. My fellow blogger, Darrell Cuthbert has a special message to parent and children while our Country is crippled by major strikes.

I, on the other hand, forced myself to post my manifestation myths blog that just so happens to deal with listening to the body when it cries out with pain or illness.

Okay, one more thing before I burst out crying in pain ... Hold thumbs, I might have gotten the nod to write for the affiliate blog to a cool glossy magazine! Who say's there are a dozen rejection letters before someone notices you?

Have a great one ... and whatever you do, bend your knees when you sneeze!!

7 comments on “Don't sneeze, it's dangerous - project me day 238”

  1. Oh no! I do hope you feel better soon.

    I guess it is a good idea to take a break and recharge after all you have such exciting things on the go.

    1. Can't wait to catch up and spend some time with you. I'm listening to my body and taking it easy ... thank my friend!

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