Dressed by VOHNI for Miss Earth SA - project me post 871

27 August 2012

I've always wanted to say that!! Dressed by ...

One on the greatest things I feel I've missed out on with my journey with my body has been feeling like a princess in anything I have ever worn. Then my mind changed completely and all I wanted to do was feel like a princess in a designer dress. I'm already planning the dress that I want to wear for when I finally get to the weight that feels just right, but I didn't think about those very special moments, when I was still along the weight loss journey, and needed a very special dress for a momentous?occasion.

Vohni designed the dress with my love for Medieval Pagan style in mind

When I got my invite for the Miss Earth South Africa Gala Dinner, I had hardly lost any weight at all, but all of a sudden I was filled with purpose and determined to have my first dress designed for me.

My very special friend, Carol Ralefeta, who is sharing the #projectbody journey with me has been at so many events where her dressed have taken my breath away and I was so excited when she introduced me to her designer, Vohni.

This Saturday wasn't just any event. It has been a slow and special relationship that I have formed with the most incredible woman, the founder of Miss Earth SA, Catherine Constantinides. As our bond has grown, so has my relationship with her venture and it was an honour for me to be a regional judge earlier this year. Just a few days ago I has had the joy of judging the young ladies in the talent competition.

Above all else, I am blown away by the amazing dedication to Mother Earth by Catherine, her amazing sister, Ella Bella and all of the contestants. That's why I was so thrilled to be able to bring my pagan beliefs and connection to mother earth to life through the dress. I didn't even care if no one knew the history or why Vohni has created the sleeves, waist and length so very specifically.

Designed ...

I can't tell you what an experience it was to have a relationship with my body where I was excited to get myself out into public and feeling like a princess.
I'm blessed to be surrounded by a family of artistic magnificence and the hugest thank you goes to my sister, Shelene, of Tanaz Hair and Body for my upstyle that was all perfectly orchestrated so that my tattoo could be perfectly seen. Yep, the whole things was designed so that my back would show the Moon Goddess.

My pride ... a symbol of my beliefs and oh so sexy in this very special dress

I know it drives my mom nuts, but I still think she's the best makeup artist in the world and although she has hung up her brushes for everyone else, I keep giving her that look that only a daughter can give and the eye shadow comes out. I kid you not, it was packed away and in bubble wrap.

My amazing man, Pat, who doesn't like crowds but knew just how very special this night was for me was the perfect date. A princess needs a prince and mine ... we'll he's more of a?rebellious knight, but that works just fine for me.

I certainly wasn't the only princess in the room and I want to take a moment to give my special congratulations to every one of the Miss Earth SA finalists. Each one of you radiated beauty and passion and it has been a joy getting to know you and sharing you dreams with you. I shed so many tears watching the 10 years of Miss Earth and will forever be touched by your beautiful love for our Mother Earth.

To my very dear friend, Catherine, happy birthday for today and happy 10th birthday for Miss Earth SA. A huge congratulations of 20 000 trees being planted so far and having a zero carbon footprint ... I am in awe of all you do and cannot express how grateful I am that you welcomed me into your life and to share your vision with you.

Every day my life changes a little more and I have reasons to be grateful for my #projectme journey and all that I have achieved. I keep those memories safe and refer to them often and this will be one of the greatest milestones in my bank of memories.

Miss Earth Founder, Catherine and me. Picture by Richard Simmonds AKA @RichSimmondsZA on Twitter


Pat and Me ... next time I'm making him wear a matching tie

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The finalists with myself, Mahendra Raghunath, Simba Mhere and Emmanuel Castis. Picture by Richard Simmonds

A special congratulations to Aurelia Nxumalo - 3rd runner up, Chantelle Davids - 2nd runner up, Marina Nicolaidis - 1st runner up and the winner of Miss Earth SA 2012 Tamerin Jardine.

2 comments on “Dressed by VOHNI for Miss Earth SA - project me post 871”

  1. Stunning. The dress, the tattoo, how you manage your life. One day, I would love to photograph you. Just for funner 🙂

    1. Thank you so very much ... and I would absolutely love that. One of the greatest gifts I gave myself was making friends with the camera ...

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