Eggs on toast - project me day 255

14 September 2010

So I can't take not being able to be without my laptop for much longer and I've promised my mom that it will be a quick one just to touch base with reality.

It's been hectic I must admit. If I have ever had pain like this then I can't remember it. I was petrified yesterday and on top of being in such agony I am emotionally drained. I still have constant pins and needles down my right side and the nerve is trapped between some collapsing?vertebrae. It looks like sometime next week I will have to be booked into hospital for a day for a check up by an?orthopedic guy and most probably have an injection into my spine. I'm only on a hospital plan so its the only way all the costs can be covered. It's tough not to make some of this about money when a call-out fee is R2000! Hectic!!!

I'm officially frustrated and a little down so I'm focusing on project me like never before. All I have to do is be kind to myself ... right?
Greggie and I did manage to have a good laugh on the phone and my mom and I have found lots of humour in rolling me around in an office chair to go and pee and then scrubbing me down after two days and feeling like a homeless child!

Is it just me or are eggs on toast the standard comfort food for any kind of condition that puts one to bed? Unless my family just grew up that way, the natural craving kicks in and the only thing that I want to eat for all three meals is ... eggs on toast. I swear that it does do something ... I love comfort food.

I miss blogging with enthusiasm and living with enthusiasm and spunk and I'm doing everything I can to get myself back on track without being too hard on myself.

I am so grateful to my blogging family, my facebook friends, my twitter followers and my loving friends and family for their awesome support and wishes!!!

Right, that's me for the night and back to bed rest ... still smiling and very much 'project me' having fun!!! (ok, sorta)

15 comments on “Eggs on toast - project me day 255”

  1. Sorry to hear about this.. Hope you are back at 100% soon and yes, breakfast food in general makes great comfort food any time of the day.

    1. Thanks Wes! It's a little harder to deal with than expected but I'm doing everything I'm told to get better ... with lots of breakfasts at odd hours to help me heal 😉

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