Equipped with a plan, lipstick & good reflexes - project me day 419

23 February 2011

Today is one of those days that I wished I had blogged about yesterday, yesterday. All of a sudden there is so much to do that I'm feeling particularly frazzled. It's all a good thing, believe it or not, but I do wish that time would stand still for a moment so that I didn't have to prioritize. That's what happens when one has a big Tuesday.

I've mentioned the mission I'm on to get this blog out there and eventually make a living out of it, between advertising, sponsorship and project me talks. That means there had to be a little stepping out of the comfort zone and heading off to a meeting without my business partner.
Have I shared my little dream of being chauffeured around for the rest of my life? I kid you not. It's even made it onto my vision board. So when my sister was planning grocery shopping it was a very cool plan that ended in my brother dropping me at my meeting. A little less pressure goes a long way considering I hate arriving at new place.

Here's another little reveal. I'm not sure if I've mention my addiction before, but when I need to put my best foot forward I NEED to have my lipstick/lip gloss on hand. It sits on the dinner table. I walk around holding it. I have about 7 in my handbag. How totally?inappropriate?to apply lipstick (constantly) during a meeting? You're wondering ... and of course I didn't, but holy moly did I NEED it.
I'm bursting with excitement at the prospects of the meeting though and praise the power of social networking.

You have to hold that thought because my little sis just looked at me with puppy-dog eyes and asked me to make her breakfast. She's got a job interview today and clearly there are nerves ... or manipulation 😉

Right ... sister of the year is back ... and as I was saying: I'm a big fan of social networking and have a little envy at the rest of the world who are further along in the concept and?accessibility?of social networking tools. How could I not burst with excitement at the concept of UCit that best describe themselves as: "Every day, UCit sends you exclusive offers to experience your city in true UCit style. Live more, pay less and have fun doing it. With us, what you C is what you GET."
I have a plan to socially network with this incredible concept ... despite getting all of my friend to sign up, get involved and all go for the same awesome deal so that we do magical things together. Find UCit on Facebook and Twitter.
If you are anywhere else in the world and there is a site that you can share with my international readers, the post a comment.

One day there's mention of needing to move and today I think I'm announcing that we might have found a house. It's been brewing for a while, but I haven't mentioned it because I'm trying to deal with an issue or two of my own.
Firstly, I've decided to move with my mom and at the age of 37 I'm trying not to feel like the spinster with the cat (as beautiful as my Saphirah is). Secondly, and here's the kicker ... the house is next door to Greggie. Like we don't have to swat away enough flies about having an unhealthy codependent best friend relationship.
The house is perfect. I have my own entrance so I will have the privacy I need. The rest will be in pics if we get it. So I kicked into 'project me' mode and reminded myself that there is no truth but my own. I can't be concerned about what others may think or say because I can't control it anyway. I know my relationship with my best friend and I have no one to explain myself to. That being said and done, we are now waiting for the guy to decide if he wants to sell or rent ... hold thumbs!

As for the good reflexes and the odd picture of a lightening bolt ... well yesterday Mother Nature showed me just how resourceful I am. She reminded me that when crisis strikes (like literally strikes) I don't get frozen with fear. I kid you not ... she chucked a lightning bolt that hit the electric wires and snapped them. Sitting at a stop street, my mother and I watched a live wire, sparking and spitting, heading straight for the car. I don't get electricity so I didn't know if that was lethal or not, but all reflexes kicked in and I did a Chuck Norris car swerve?maneuver?that any stunt man would have bowed to. Driving and trembling is quite and experience but then so is living and thinking. Of course I pulled up outside our possible new home, in the pouring rain, and applied lipstick ... a girl needs a good shade of autumn when the world awaits her.

14 comments on “Equipped with a plan, lipstick & good reflexes - project me day 419”

  1. Greg... you have my deepest sympathies! 😉

    "Of course I pulled up outside our possible new home, in the pouring rain, and applied lipstick " Now why do I suddenly think of "Shaun of the Dead" with the whole, "have a nice pint and wait for this to all blow over" line.

    Oh... the lip gloss... 😀
    My recent post The Power of One

      1. A lightning bolt striking just as I'm driving up to consider living next door to you ... wow, that's one hell of a sign 😉

    1. Hahahaha ... well it wasn't very refreshing at the time. I was shaking like a little jellyfish!! Thanks for the compliment none the less hun!

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