Even more get to know me questions - project me day 247

5 September 2010

I have officially had one of the most frustrating days. Not of 'project me', but of my whole life. Yes, the drama is a-flow but I'm venting.
In trying to heal my back, I need to move but I'm not allowed to drive. I have this terrible issues that lingers where I already hate asking people to do things for me. It takes a lot to actually suck it all in and say I need to be taken care of a bit.

Today was one of those days and everything points to the very reason why I don't ask for much. OMG ... I sound so dramatic, but hang in while I vent because I turned it around like I always do.

So, Greggie went to a birthday party of a friend of his. A few months back I got a verbal invite, but all of a sudden I was uninvited. I've been damn upset about it, but swallowed the bitter pill and tried everything in my power to occupy my day so I didn't wallow. Mother was supposed to take me shopping but she had a work crisis. Brother was supposed to take me to the park so I could get out and feel alive, but he went ten pin bowling and clearly forgot.

The?satellite is in crisis so everyone here has to watch the same thing and that clearly stated meant it was the end of my choice in re-runs of House or my country music. Does it sound a little caged in?

Frustration, a pang of irritation, the signs of depression and the potential for resentment set in, so I had to make it fun or I was going to sob or break something ... or get in my car drive and put myself back at square one. So I did what I love and I know you guys love too. In between bursts of having to stand, stretch, ice my back and stretch again, I found some fun questions (who comes up with these things) and had a little bit of a giggle to save the sanity.

PS ... halfway through the breakdown I got an IM from Greggie saying that I had been invited ... communication issues! She throws her hands in the air and answers another silly question ...

Is there anybody you just wish would fall off the planet? Being all Zen I believe that if anyone weren?t in my life for even a second I would not be who I am today. I have had fantasies of being allowed to shoot just one person and get away with it. Don?t ask who because I keep saving it and thinking someone worse will come along and what if I?ve wasted it?

Do you wear your seatbelt in the car? I would even if my car didn?t have this frantic beeping sound that gets more annoying by the minute.

Name one thing you worry about running out of. Lip gloss! I left my make-up bag at home the other day and had to cling to Greggie?s lip ice for dear life.

What is your favorite pizza topping? Salad ? I kid you not! There is nothing like salad and balsamic vinegar over a plain margarita

Do you crack your knuckles? I do and then I wiggle them around for good measure.

What are your super powers? I can talk, chat, facebook, skype, answer and email and churn out a blog all at the same time and not miss a beat of what?s going on around me ? I swear!

Peppermint or spearmint? Peppermint even though I?m not a fan of either. I love the whole fresh breath vibe, but can it come in cheeky cherry please!

Where are your car keys? On the dining room table. How do I know, because I forgot them there and had to wait for my sister to let me in the house.

What's your most annoying habit? LOL ? everyone who knows me is shouting in unison ?She leaves drawers and cupboards open!?

What 3 things can always be found in your refrigerator? Cold water in small glass bottles (in Greggies fridge too), pickled cucumbers and low fat milk

What superstition do you believe/practice? None, but I still say ?bread and butter? when I?m split apart from a loved one by a pole or something odd. Where did that crazy superstition come from?

Do you talk on your cell phone when you drive? Never ever ? well, I talk, but my phone is on loudspeaker and I know that?s allowed.

What song(s) do you sing most often in the shower? I bath ? and that would be dependent on the song I have drummed into my head for hours. Of late it?s been Jesus take the wheel, which must sound odd considering the Jewish bloodline.

If you could go back or forward in time,where would you go? To kiss Lancelot

If you could kiss anyone who would it be? Ah, that?s not fair! That?s like telling a kid they can only have one thing from the sweet shop!

Do you talk to yourself? Of course I do, I?m perplexed that this is even a question!

What body part do you wash first? Armpits coz then I?ve gotto raise them over my head to wash my hair

What's the strangest talent you have? To make anything someone say into something sexual!

Have you ever been tied up? I brought the belts so I did the tying 😉

What was the last thing you ever got grounded for? We never got grounded, instead we weren?t allowed to watch TV and I think I missed Dallas or the A-Team. Don?t ask me what for, I think I was an angel child.

Do you parallel park or drive around the block? Round and round and round the block

Which shoe do you put on first? Left. I'm sure that psychologically there's a reason for this question!

Have you ever been to a gay bar? Indeed I have and a gay club. It?s the most chilled out space for a single, straight girl to dance and let my hair down! And they remix everything under the sun!

Have you ever had a poem or a song written about you? Sigh ? my dentist used to sing ?Jolene, Jolene? while staring into my mouth! No?

What was your childhood nickname? Dinki ? and my older sister still calls me that. Oh, and it?s my online dating site name (in case you are interested!!)

Have you ever peeked in the opposite sexes locker room? At Oktoberfest in Germany I kinda had not choice and holy moly was it a sight. A line of drunk-ass boys trying to aim straight! Bwahahaha

Have you ever bitten your toenails? That?s just disgusting! Eeeeww, who does that? Shhh ? don?t tell me, I don?t wanna know

How do you normally eat your cookies? The only normal way ? dunked into a cup of tea

How often do you clean out your ears? I dry them every day so that?s considered cleaning ? and no, I haven?t lost any of the good wax!

Do you scrunch or fold your toilet paper? Fold ? I?m a lady!

Do you want to bring sexy back? Oh, it went somewhere?

14 comments on “Even more get to know me questions - project me day 247”

  1. Yeah, it was a shame about the party today! We'll blame Mercury, shall we? As I walked in she said "I haven't responded to your text yet, have I? Jo was invited"!

    Always love your answers to these questions, Jo. Thanks for putting a smile where I haven't had one all day. 🙂
    My recent post Shut up and love me

    1. When exactly is Mercury gonna get its ass in the right direction! This has been quite a ride.
      You also managed to crack a smile where it had been upside down the whole day 😉

  2. Hehehehe... I'm so with you on the Cheeky Cherry bit 🙂

    :p Girls and parallel parking! *sigh*

    In my youth I could bite my toenails... 😉 but my legs don't bend like that anymore.

    Not really too fussed which shoe goes on first, but always put my left football boot on first. Yup, there's gotta be some thing to that. 😀
    My recent post Under the Scotsmans Kilt

    1. I'm so glad that you have passed your youth (although not grown up exactly) because I don't think I could seriously be friends with a toenail biter ... eeewww 😉

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