Every Little Step is a Big Step

23 July 2020
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While working with my mentee yesterday and coaching her into braver steps each week, we had a moment where her waiting for my response to a question felt as though it needed a drumroll. After months, in her own good time, she took a brave step. It was one I was holding out for her to take but had not expressed my waiting. When she told me, I let out a sigh of relief and a grand gesture of pride, that she had felt her way through life and realised for herself that she needed to do this.

"Why didn't you tell me to do it before, if you knew it would have a positive outcome?" was the big question. 

"I wouldn't be a very good mentor if I told you the steps I would take or the ones I thought you should take," was my sincere reply.

It got the drumroll reaction we both needed. She totally got it and settled into her gratitude for being supported, while still figuring out each step in her own journey.

In The Foundation to Doing Something Different, which is the core Lifeology tool we use in our coaching and course, we encourage you to, 'make it about you'. That means no matter where you turn for support or guidance, you only truly take the brave step when it settles deep within you, as your truth. 

How do you know what step to take when you are filled with fear or uncertainty? 

Turn to your trusted circle! Ask the guide, coach, or guru. Seek guidance from your guides and look for signs from the universe. Let them be your sounding board, but until you can make it about you and brave the littlest step, you are not walking in your truth - and a path paved from your own brave and truthful little steps lead you to the big picture of your fulfilled and joyful life.

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