Everything has a consequence - project body week 7

31 July 2011
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Giselle from Burn the Floor and Graeme Watkins at the Joburg Theatre

I can't believe how quickly the time is flying and it's only perpetuated by a weekly update that feels like only yesterday.

It's officially 6 weeks since I started the combination of gyming and eating right and I'm sure by now a whole lot of people would have lost a whole lot more weight. A part of me could kick myself for not making this a much easier ride and another part of me is being patient with a part of my life that I know will always have stumbling blocks.

Clothes are feeling looser but I must admit that I've had a week of being a little oblivious to counting calories. It's been a combination of the freaking freezing weather, eating out on a whole lot of work occasions ... and yes ... comfort eating.

I'm still trying to adjust to so much that is going on in my life and with any form of excitement comes anxiety and a little crutch. I'm still eating far less than the?quantities?that I used to, but this girl knows better.

I can't say that this week hasn't been without consequence. Firstly, I messed my trainer, Patrick, around so much with shuffling days and times that I could go train and when I finally arrived for a group class it had been cancelled. He felt bad for not thinking to call me but it was the thing that finally set me straight and made me committed to gym a little more. People have invested their time, support and care into this journey and I'm the only one not fully playing the game. So it's set ... Monday, Wednesday and Friday classes! Plain and simple. No messing me or anyone else around.

I already enjoyed the Friday morning class so much more and felt a little stronger, so I can imagine that it gets to the point of not wanting to miss a gym session.

The other consequence was the face staring back at me in the photos from the Burn the Floor dance-off at the Joburg Theatre. Every picture taken of me ... I hated!!! All I saw was double chin and it took everything I had to pull myself together. I mean really, there are some pics that will always hold the memory of one of the most exciting events of my career. The pic above is with my fave Burn the Floor dancer and an SA artist that I know is going to take the world by storm with each passing day ... and I see a double chin.

A little off the weight issue and about the rest of my body ... it's time for a bit of a change of hair. Nothing too drastic but a style is in order and maybe a little less length and a little more body. It wouldn't hurt to add a touch of colour and liven it all up either. The time has come for a change and hair always seems to be the first thing on the cards.

Exciting week ahead and so much to tell you as the days go by, but all I want to do is get through it with the commitment that I owe myself and my body ...

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