Fail proof weight loss plan - project me day 751

22 January 2012

That's it, Pat's eating with chopstick for the rest of his life ... tee hee!! The empty plate is mine (rare sight) and the chopstick dyslexia is well ... um ... my man's! )

4 comments on “Fail proof weight loss plan - project me day 751”

    1. Hi my friend. I'm sorry I've been so scarce but seriously pushing to get this career off the ground. Pat and I have decided that our first gift to ourselves when the money comes in, is a trip to the US of A an a certain part that is my fave, with my awesome blogging friends ... watch this space! 😉

  1. Was always amazed as a small child how anyone could eat with 2 sticks. Ultimately was pretty good at it by the time I was 7. There is an art to it, but once you get it right you can be pretty handy with them. I'm pretty sure it won't slow anyone down for too long. 🙂
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