Faking it is officially over - project me day 461

6 April 2011

It's late afternoon and I'm sitting here sipping on a cold up of tea while taking my very first breath since 8am this morning. It feels as though I've gone from being the pilot of a two seater little micro-light to taking over the?cockpit of the Concord.

I'm sure when I have a huge corporation one day I will still burst our crying after meetings and with suppliers and ... and ... It's just the way it goes with me and I take a moment to realise that I'm not as overwhelmed as I think I am. After that it's full throttle and away we go.

Just today, I had the first skype meeting with my incredible team of ladies in Cape Town who will be flying the Organic O ship. The fun catch has been that I have stepped in at a time where it's sink or swim for this idea and there happens to be a big party tomorrow night. Yes ... tomorrow night!
Today has therefore consisted of gathering the team of girls for the first meeting then dashing off to meet my first supplier in the adult industry who I am getting stock from. It was organising a rush of stock that has to be overnighted, business cards that have to be printed by tomorrow, uniforms that have to be purchased by ... tomorrow, payment equipment ... yep, by tomorrow!

With all of that in the forefront, I have had to juggle a lot of other things (note I call them things and not chaos). 'Project me' has kicked into overdrive and I am having to do a lot of being kind to myself or making sure other people make sure I'm kind to myself.
The house is still upside down and I am slowly convincing myself that setting up home takes time.
I'm eating completely out of my comfort zone and don't know where my body would be without SlimLab. I might not be eating the greatest stuff but the quantity is more under control. So, it's the average two slices of bread instead of a load ... even though it's before bedtime.
I've been mean to my best friend and blamed him for pouring salt on my insecurities, but that's why I'm the luckiest girl in the world. I even blamed him for saying a thing or two to stop me from talking to a guy. Yes ... girls are that powerful 😉

... But who can blame me! I have taught people the power of 'fake it till you make it' for ages, but I don't think there is a lesson under the sun that prepares you for the day you wake up and you are there! Not faking it at all, but living the dream!

I can't wait to introduce you to the amazing new people in my life ... the 5 girls from Organic O, Puff ... the man who believes in me enough to help me make this all possible and his inspirational wife, Pink!

Can I take a little moment to do a very big .... WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!

PS ... Cape Town ladies make your way to Boston, Tyger Valley, Edward Street and meet the Organic O ladies at the cheeky butt nice ladies night event. There will be giveaways, bare butt butlers and the guys are welcome from 10:30.

This is it ... Lifeology rocks!

2 comments on “Faking it is officially over - project me day 461”

  1. So excited that so much is happening for you right now. Knowing you are going to make it a raging success while having loads of fun on the way...

    1. Thank you my dearest friend! And you are also on a big adventure s I'm super excited for all of us! Let me know how it's going! Big hug ...

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