Family time - project me day 634

29 September 2011

Short and sweet! It's the Jewish New Year and I love the way our family all join together and eat. Yes, we always over cater and we promise we won't celebrate the second night, but we do.

Times are tense because we are in the midst of sorting out the claims for the break in and the gate still isn't fixed because our landlords are tossers. I hate leaving my mom at home but I still have to carry on ... so it's been great that the Jewish holidays have had my sisters and brother floating in and out.

It's been another over the top dinner and we are now moving onto ice cream. The cat is chasing a torch light on the wall. The parrot is calling the cat and sneezing. My nephews are shining the torch and making the cat dizzy while I search for names to call my nephew's bearded dragon that they are going to get soon.

Still searching for someone to thin I'm worthy of a laptop!!

2 comments on “Family time - project me day 634”

  1. Happy... Happy... well, something to chear about. Time to make those changes, start some things fresh.

    Gotta love crazy cats, it's what they do. While I don't have a parrot, my one kitty used to talk to the resident eagle often. They really didn't like each other, rathe amusing to watch though.

    Bearded Dragon you say... Gimli after the dwarf in Lord of the Rings?

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