Fark, it's freeezing - project me day 591

15 August 2011

My personality and hands are too frozen to even attempt a rational blog.

Yes, it's that freezing! I think it's the unexpectedness of the rain that has sent my fingertips into shock. We usually have this long build up to the rain and beg for it a little so that by the time it arrives we are sweltering hot and standing under it in pure relief. I always stand under the first rains, but there was no way in hell that was happening today, so I'm sticking to these being winter rains. I know my summer rain and it ain't coming around for a while.

Today I felt extra lucky working from home and didn't care that my mother had work interviews for new?recruitment?... I was in my jimmy jams and Tiger slippers!
I've also managed to dodge having to leave the house tomorrow except for the fact that we are so low on groceries that I'm about to be serving up a boiled onion if I don't brave the cold tomorrow. Or ... my loving boyfriend could dash to the rescue and arrive home with dinner ... (Note to self: Make sure you get Mr Unexpected to read the blog!)

So I got a skype message from 2 friends today, both very concerned about me after reading the past few entries of my blog. I would be lying if I didn't say that things are that scary, but 'project me' and good friends are keeping me in check. It's very true when they say that living your dreams are as scary as not. So I was grateful for the cold and not running to meeting so I was forced to sit down and make things happen today.

It was all about spreading the word about the Jodene's breakfasts at the Crowne Plaza and a little more about writing the press release info for #FollowSA which is officially set for August 31st ... gulp!

I'm praying to the gods that it's just the cold, because my back has been sore again today. It's not close to how it was before it?sequestrated, but ?I know the signs. No matter how afraid anything else might make me, this fears me the most. I've spent the day trying not to sit for too long but was too freaking cold to go out and get some anti-inflammatories (maybe not the smartest reason not to go out). What's scaring me the most is that I've finally been given the opportunity to get the book "Living your project me story" published and I'm worried my back is going to limit my?writing.
I'm doing things differently and am meeting with my very patient personal trainer, Patrick, this Thursday to discuss making sure I keep exercising and protecting my back at the same time. Just FYI ... mom thinks it's another kinda exercise that's giving my back a workout (sorry mom, you knew I'd mention it ;p) but I know good pain from bad and this ain't fun.

No, I'm not glossing over it .... I've been offered the opportunity to publish my book by a small but real publishing company in LA!!! Holy cow!!!! All the little details to follow as I find them out, but I have one book on the go and another that the publisher would like me to write. Both of them are going to be online publications with the 'project me story' one to go to print as well. The combination of being freezing, sore and overwhelmed might be overshadowing the excitement, but it's there! My bio goes on the website in the next few days as an upcoming author and when that's release I will post it for you to see.

Incredibly ... when you ask me what my ultimate dream is, it's to be a published author! Who says 'project me' isn't the best damn gift you can give yourself? Well ... isn't that inspiration to get it written and a get a copy to you ASAP!!

3 comments on “Fark, it's freeezing - project me day 591”

  1. Cold... oh how I hate winter!! I'll never understand those that complain that it's too hot, what the heck is too hot? o.0

    As the saying goes, "Be kind to your knees, you'll miss them when they're gone." Unfortunately the back will pretty much always play up when it gets cold. It's just one of those things about wracking up some real millage.

    Yay on the book!! About time!!! I want a signed copy 😉 I'm just sayin'

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    1. You have no idea how important it is for me to hear that! Sorry ... I felt like I was on another planet yesterday, but I really am freaking out ;p

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