Fast cars and unexpected adventures - project me post 849

8 May 2012

The before pic next to a gorgeous MINI Roadster ... and then Pat took me for a spin!

I think we all find ourselves saying, "I should have done this ages ago." On the other hand, I truly believe everything happens for a reason and after days of not blogging, I ?couldn't wait to get through as much of the to-do list and just get here.

Just a few weeks ago I felt stuck with what to share from one day to the next and now I feel like so much has happened, I don't know where to start.

Fast cars ... that's always a good place to begin and of course there was a great life lesson that came with racing around Kyalami race track under the full moon. I was so excited for the day to end and to climb into a sexy Mini Roadster, with my gorgeous fiance and take it for a drive. In the days that built up to the event, I imaged a semi fast (my fast) lap or two around the track and I couldn't wait to blog about my experience. On the night, it was a very different story.

At this point I stop and thank the gods (and goddesses) for letting Pat drive first because what I got and what I thought I would get was two completely different things. Um ... sexy meets speed was the theme of the mini and the only thing that wasn't sexy about it was me screaming in the?passenger?seat. With a lead car in front and Pat right behind, this little car literally took me on the ride of my life.?Screeching around corners, weaving through cones, flying between haystacks and she held on to the road much better than I did to the corner of the windscreen. We did have the top down, after all.
When we headed back to the pits and it was time to swap over, I just couldn't do it. I couldn't keep up with the lead car, take those corners or have another 5 cars hot on my tale and it had nothing to do with not trusting the car. That's what I kept smacking myself over the head about when Pat giggled like a kid because I gave him my laps too. If there was ever a time to let my hair down, take a few risks, drive fast and not care if I knocked over a cone ... it would have been in Mini Roadster.
Le sigh ... a part of me will always be sad that I wasn't brave enough. It did comfort me that as the girls arrived back, they also hadn't mustered up the courage to drive either.

The 'project me' lesson ... well, it's not so bad to say 'no' to something that you know you just aren't ready for and I know my day will come when I can go, at my pace, in the very sexy, smooth and?sophisticated Mini Roadster.

It's not like the pace slowed down when I was out the car and all of a sudden I'm juggling 3 event, all by the 2nd June.

If I haven't showcased myself by now and proven to people what I am capable of on social media, then I just don't know. It's been one pitch after another and then hurry up and wait. Instead of getting down about it, I've decided to keep doing what I do and giving people even more reason to wake up and realise they need Lifeology on their side where social media and events collide.

Amazingly, none of the events are as easy as the #FollowSA Tweetups we've organised in the past.
Now we have decided to head down to Durban for #Howzit031 and it's no walk in the park. I've been fascinated at the difference in response to the Tweetups between the major cities and I'm trying to keep my chin up about Durban. Where are the people? What is the mindset? What is going to bring them to our Tweetup?
That's it ... tickets are booked and we are heading down to Durban, with some awesome sponsors, great prizes and fantastic reasons for Durban to come out and play ... now I have 10 days to convince them of that.

Dashing between events and now to the Twitter Blanket Drive, where I'm officially hosting the event at Protea Hotels, Fire and Ice Melrose Arch. I've chosen two charities close to my heart, Nkosi's Haven and Kitty and Puppy Haven and we need to collect 1 500 blanket by and on the night of the 26th May. I couldn't ask for a better team to be supporting me than the GM of the hotel, Anton Gillis. I'm thrilled that my special friend, Karen Battaliou works at at the hotel because I couldn't ask for a better co-host.
With the blankets already piling up in the window of the hotel, the offer for the Fire and Ice to buy blankets on guest's behalf, everyone receiving milkshakes on the night ... and the just the gorgeousness of the venue, I should be calm as anything ... but we know that's not me.?We certainly have our work cut out for us, with events all over Jozi, so I wake up at about 4am every morning and have to figure out how to stop the chatter in my head and fall back to sleep.

What would my life be without events that I can't announce just yet ... but in the pipelines there are a whole lot of those that are taking hours to bring to life. Gosh, I can feel the adrenal rush with every word I type ...

Then, just for kicks, some amazing person?nominated?me for the Rising Star SA awards and within a few days I've been notified that I'm a semi finalist, been selected and finalist and now have to sit in front of a panel of judges on the 15th May.

And then the sun begins to set on another day and I can't wait to stop, take a breath, have dinner with my amazing man, cuddle with my kitties ... and get ready for another very adventurous tomorrow!

2 comments on “Fast cars and unexpected adventures - project me post 849”

  1. Wow! you are the car look amazing in that picture. You have done something I can only dream of - the same with your speedy lifestyle!

  2. A little unreasonable, methinks, to expect you to go all Schumacher right out of the starting blocks. You need to know your ride inside and out which takes many hundreds of laps. Training, training, training, and yet more training. Anyone can drive fast, it's driving fast well that takes time and five laps of intimidation is not training.

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