Fear or faith, pick one! - project me day 391

26 January 2011

I'm so proud of me. My excitement that I went to gym, walked ten laps around the track and feel fabulous this morning is awesome. I'm thrilled that I can feel the difference between muscle pain and damaged disk pain. Of course I want to share it with everyone who has encouraged me, but there's something I'm noticing. Despite everyone else's pride and?excitement, I'm getting a lot of 'don't overdo it' lectures.

Me? Overdo it? Well I tried that with the Greggie and he double checked about 5 times to make sure that I'm sure that I have the overdo it personality. The Jock was a little better and kinda believed me after just one attempt at lecturing me. My little sis is obviously worried that I'm to hurt myself before my wedding and mother ... well mothers just worry.

It was our usual Tuesday night get together and after realising that we have all done so well with sorting out some of the addict archetype, that it was time to move onto something else. We started by focusing on why we make the choices we do. Even down to the little choices of what time we wake up and why we have the routines we do. Well that didn't go to well because our fearful issues kept us from getting anywhere. That's it ... deal with fear first.

Archetypically, fear and faith are?governed?by the prostitute archetype and it what it says it is: you sell your soul for fear of survival. I've been teaching archetypes for many years and Greggie and myself have a great passion for this work. We live it every day and one of the things that I hear us saying to every student and to ourselves all the time is, "you can't have fear and faith at the same time." It's not possible to feel faith when you are afraid and fear would not have it's place when faith is around." I also believe that all you have to do is pick one. Yep ... all you have to do!

Well before we could focus on the fear we had to pick something else first. Just one thing that we choose to do that might not be in the highest esteem. There nights are profound and life changing, but they are far from serious. I think by now you know that I believe we are here to have fun so there's no way I'm not going to be rolling with laughter while trying to choose on thing I might do out of fear.

How rude ... by the time Greggie and my mother where done with me they had a list as long as my arm. It's a serious toss up between checking my stats obsessively, going to sleep before midnight, getting back into meditation and finding time to read. That's why I'm sharing it with you, because you are wondering how things like this can be laced with feelings of fear ... well they do, but that's for next weeks Tuesday night. Right now I just have to be conscious of one of them while trying not to go to gym obsessively seeing that that was pointed out to me too.

I decided to begin last night after Greggie left and what do you know ... I checked my stats about twice, climbed into bed too close to midnight to say I would be asleep by then, decided it was too late to meditate or read ... and promised myself that I'd try again tomorrow! Guess what ... it's tomorrow!

7 comments on “Fear or faith, pick one! - project me day 391”

  1. Fear... it's no good.

    "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." 😉 yup, that was the little green guy. But it remains so very true.

    If you act out of fear you can often build a up resentment for something or someone... which leads to anger, hate... and when you're stuck in that mindset well, you're pretty much suffering.

    That said, have more faith. :p No, I'm not talking go and find Jesus or anything similar, but faith in yourself, myself, ones self. Once you've taken your awesome pill (thanks Greg!), it's a lot easier to build on that faith. After all, at the end of the day "Do or do not! There is no try..." Have a little faith and don't give in until it's done.


      1. Hahaha... 😀 yup... Yoda, for such a little guy he sure had a lot to say.

        Don't think I really got the point of that saying, "Do or do not. There is no try." Until more recently. Always figured that as long as you tried it was good enough. But ultimately if you're going to put in the effort in the first place keep at it until it's done. Until then you're simply still doing...

        Besides, most tasks are a lot easier when you start with the mindset that it will be done and not that you're simply going to try.

        1. I always used to say to my students 'trying is lying' and they were horrified at me, but it's true! I agree that it takes a while to get what it truly means but when you do, well then there are no more excuses.

  2. love this one...i'm finding it so difficult to figure out the choices i am making. I am trying to understand my fears, and working on them. Not working for three months..this is driving me so crazy...and the fear of not working is overwhelming! Not making any money also driving me crazy...why is faith so hard to have?

    Love you Jo...wish i had that stunning Tueday group...however I am sure i will hate everything i hear, my victim wont cope! Power to you!

    1. Well my dear friend, at least you can see your victim even if you are not friends with it yet. Remember that I have been doing this work for many years now and I'm still only scratching the surface of some archetypes. We are in this together and who knows, maybe you'll be blogging about archetypes some day 😉 Be kind to yourself!

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