February 2021 Energy Update - Numerology and Astrology

28 January 2021

When adding 2 (February) with 2021, we find ourselves in a 7 month. This is our final opportunity to witness the foundation we created for ourselves in 2020.  Did you instil faith, mindful practices and realistic acceptance into your life through the universal 4 energy of 2020? If you did, then this month will show you how much you have learned to focus inwards and find the boldness that has forever changed within you. 

In order for us to truly feel the work we have done over the past month, this 7 energy needs to bring some old patterns, situations and mindsets to the fore. Our deep and transformative work for the month is to trust our intuition and navigated our way from fear into faith. In numerology, the 7 is about deeper meaning and because of that, you could find yourself questioning the meaning of many parts of your life. Don’t be afraid to witness your relationships with yourself and others, your belongings, finances, living situation, career and what brings you joy. You will never know if you are telling yourself the truth about your feelings if you do not brave the essence of the 7, which is about self-awareness and spiritual consciousness. 

This month is the universe’s opportunity to gain your trust and remind you that we are always in co-creation with it. The real work is in understanding that you are always being moved in the direction of what you are worth on a soul level, and not what you think you are worth. Even when you think you know what you are worth. 

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The moon phase and the zodiac sign it is moving through at any given time can be a great guide to your energy, ability to focus and your mood. The 2021 moon phases are available for you to add into your diary. 

Although I covered the January's energy update, full moon today is a good reminder that the energy on the 28th/29th January is leading us into February through the power and passion of Leo. You will either be feeling a sense of deeper purpose and pride in yourself, or feel totally stripped of your bravery. Both sides of the energy are calling for you to pay attention. To make the most of this time, shine light on what you want to create for yourself and how you want to confidently express yourself into February. On the other hand, if you are not feeling proud of yourself or that you are ready to be seen by the world, then take this time to reflect on what parts of your character you have had to rely to get you to where you are today. 

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The 4th of February Last Quarter Moon is in Scorpio. As you clear your path before Dark Moon (Balsamic Moon – 72 hours before New Moon) and prepare for a new phase, this is a perfect way to align the 7 numerology with your final reflection of what is looming in the shadows. Scorpio isn’t wanting you to hold back, but rather go in and be honest with yourself. Acknowledge the fears, self-doubt and places of unhappiness. It’s the call to tell yourself the truth; and that very process is what shines the light on your deeper strengths and powerful character. 

Dark Moon in Sagittarius on the 8th is your time to find a deeper understanding of what you can discover about yourself when you step into the shadows. Shadow isn’t negative. It is merely unseen aspects of your character. These next 3 days should give you the great gift of understanding what shadow truly means, from what you were brave enough to see about yourself in Scorpio moon. You can now use Sagittarius energy to find the bravery needed to lift yourself out of your mood and see your strengths, bravery and confident self. 

Aquarius New Moon on the 11th is an opportunity to cut our past free and plant fresh seeds. The trick is to do so in the world that is and not in the world you are waiting for. This energy allows you to think out of the box and imagine a bright future for yourself. 

If you are using moon phases to manifest the life you want, then brave adding at least one thing to your moon list that will push your vision, ambition and bravery. 

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The First Quarter Moon in Taurus is on 19th February. This phase of the moon gives us the opportunity to feel the truth about the energy we wanted to carry from New Moon, into our lives. With the Taurus energy, it’s ideal to literally get cosy and reflect on the week that has past. In that comfort, your heart’s desires will bubble a little closer to the surface and you will have a clearer knowing of what brings you joy. 

Full Moon on the 27th is in Virgo. This is a great moon phase to put everything in order and have a check-in with yourself; from emotions, to relationships, finances and health. It’s the ideal energy to do that final check of what to accept and what you honestly know you need to change, before the 7 numerology month comes to an end. 

The sun enters Pisces on the 18th, for the start of Pisces season. It’s a full month of dreaming bigger. Ambition and intuition give us a great combination to figure our way into the world, which includes accepting that the world isn’t what we imagined it to be this time last year. Don’t get lost in being overly emotional and daydreamy, or the deep desire of your heart may be overlooked, and an opportunity missed. 

Mercury Retrogrades from 30 January until 21st February is a time of going inwards and focusing the main form of communication with yourself and not the outside world. This is why there is the great belief that legal documents shouldn’t be signed, and technology will break. That is because this planet won’t let you get away with focusing your energy outwards and certainly won’t let you make decisions without deep contemplation. The planet stays in a period of shadow until 13 March and that lingering energy gives you the remainder of February to continue that consciousness and witnessing of self. Continue to take the opportunities to go inwards and see how you communicate with yourself, as opposed to focusing on the way you dialogue with everyone around you. 

If you do this through each Mercury Retrograde, then with each one you will see a significantly healthier relationships with yourself. If not, then yes, it is potentially the chaotic time that this retrograde has the reputation for. 

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Lastly, and a bit of a sidestep, is the Chinese New Year on 12th February. We survived the Year of the Rat, which is known for being a tumultuous time, and step into the energy of the Ox. Take advantage of the change in energy that the Ox brings into 2021. If you missed my 2021 numerology forecast - Universal 5 Energy, it’s a good idea to catch up in order to feel how aligned the Ox is with the universal energy of the 5 year. This is the year to plant seeds and ideas; and then put in the diligence and work to make sure they manifest. Prosperity and patience go hand in hand as a lesson from the Ox. It is a much more grounded year and if you allow yourself to feel the stability of the ‘new world’ you will plant fresh ideas or tweak old ones into new energy. 
Loyalty is a very important aspect of the Ox’s energy. Although it is important to be loyal to others, much of your work this year will be to witness how within integrity you are with yourself and how loyal you are to your own values and worth. 

I’m around at this time every month for the energy update, either with my blog or I go live on Facebook and repost to LinkedIn and Instagram. I hope to see you somewhere out there. 

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    1. I'm thrilled to see such alignment for you. Wishing you much en'light'enment through Feb and beyond 🦋

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