February 2022 Energy Update: Numerology and Astrology

31 January 2022
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I can’t believe it’s already time for the February 2022 Energy Update and here is the Numerology and Astrology for the month ahead.

The numerology is made up of the 2 for February and the 8 monthly energy when we add the month and the year together. It is important to note that we are repeating the December 2021 energy, so the year might not feel as though it is flowing the way you expected it to as yet.

2 is naturally slower energy and if you have high energy numbers like a 5 or an 8 as a life path, then February could feel frustrating for you. We are being called to slow down and relook at what was happening for us in the 8 energy at the end of last year.

Understanding where our energy is going. Who we are giving it to, how we are honouring and harnessing it and if we are aware of how empowered or disempowered we are is the theme of the month. The 8 energy will give us the boost of confidence needed to make brave decisions and act from sound judgment, while the 2 will have us considering others and watching for our adaptability.

Don’t over adapt or be too bossy, as these two numbers are giving us the opportunity to carefully balance between the finer details and the amount of time and effort everything and everyone needs.

Combining these two numbers into the 6 universal energy of the year will make for an interesting month, when the focus is on the harmony created by our choices and actions. If you are going to be timid in your actions or calling for what you want and need, then you may feel that place of disempowerment.

With the 8 energy, watch for over-focusing on one area of life. Being overly ambitious, impatient with yourself or others and focusing too much on the material world will be triggers for you to shift your focus to a softer way of spending your time. Don’t lose sight of how your mood and actions impact others through the month, if living in a place of harmony is important to you.

We dive straight into the astrology on the1st with Aquarius New Moon. Managing your desire to create for the future, while keeping yourself present is going to be the trick of the day.

If you work with the Moon Phases to create the life you want, then make sure that you add some acts of kindness and original plans to your New Moon list.

Also, if you missed my update on Understanding the Impact of the Taurus/Scorpio Lunar Nodes in 2022/23 then check out the blog, YouTube, Apple and Spotify podcasts.

The 1st is also the Chinese New Year where we step into the energy of the Water Tiger. This is a big shift in energy from the metal ox, that had us feeling like we were following the masters of the energies around us, with a lot of hard work and toiling to feel like anything was getting done.

The Water energy brings in much more flow and opportunity for us, while the Tiger shifts the energy to an intuitive and instinctive, far more confident energy – we all need that.  

Enjoy the feeling of being less in your head and more trusting of your instincts through this Chinese year. 

I love working with spirit animal energy, which makes Chinese New Year special to me. If you don’t know your spirit animal, then I have a free guided meditation to meet your spirit animal to help you find it.

On the 8th Taurus First Quarter Moon will be the first where it is aligned with the shifting of the Nodes and we may very well feel it as a sense of feeling more grounded and sure of what we value. Take time to reflect on what you thought was important to you at the start of the year and see how your values may have shifted in this short space of time.

On the 3rd Mercury goes direct in Capricorn from Aquarius. We will feel the responsible and disciplined energy which may be a shift from the lighter desire to be inventive and see where we want to stretch ourselves into places that will touch others and make an impact. During this time, feel out the logical and practical ways you can make the impact you want to make with the power of your intentions and your actions. It may feel a bit sluggish to get things moving, but capture your ideas and know you have the full year to bring them to life.  

On the 16th  we have the Leo Full Moon. When the spotlight shines from Leo, it gives us a glimpse into the places where we are not braving stepping into the limelight enough. Look for where your creativity and courage can meet with childlike wonder and you may be surprised at what you truly want to put some of your time and energy into.

The Sun enters Pisces on the 18th, which is the final stretch of the cycle through the Zodiacs. It is always a time to see where you want to improve on your life and generate change through your imagination and intuition. Don’t be taken off guard by this energy, as it is loaded with sensitivity and caring for yourself and those around you will always take extra awareness.

On the 24th  we have Sagittarius Last Quarter Moon, which gives us the opportunity to reflect on the New Moon and be honest and frank about where your energy and attention is. Look for what is holding back your sense of freedom before the year goes any further.

We end the month with the lead-in of Capricorn Balsamic Moon from the 26th, which lasts for 72 hours. Take time to be honest about what you want to be responsible for and see if you are doing everything as effectively and efficiently as you possibly could.

Shifting of the Moon Nodes
Last week ended with the Lunar Nodes shifting for their 18 months in Taurus and Scorpio. To understand how the nodes impact you, here is the blogYouTubeSpotify and Apple Podcasts.

This month’s special
Celebrating the month of love, I am offering couples/partners/friends double numerology. Purchase one numerology and get 50% off the other one. Simply add 2 numerology readings to your purchase basket.

You will be prompted to enter your birth date and I will be in touch to get the second birth date.

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Weekly Energy Updates
Every Sunday I share the energy for the upcoming week, with the numerology, astrology, I pull a tarot card and also give you an intuitive message from money. Join our Facebook Group or ask to be added to my WhatsApp broadcast list for notifications, if you are not following me across the social networks.

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Thank you for entrusting me with your greater understanding of our universe.

Stay brave

Jodene Shaer - Personal Transformation Coach

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