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1 October 2013
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Timing is everything. We all hear that so often, but then the time arrives and the statement seems so profound all over again.

It may seem calm, but there's chaos. I have learned, through my Project Me journey with myself, that I can get through everything and things really happen for a reason. None the less, nothing has been better timed than than the chaos I find myself in right now and the start of my second online course with Fairy Godmother, the incredible Donna McCallum.

Maybe it has something to do with turning 40. Maybe it has something to do with having to toughen up. Maybe it has something to do with paving the way for the future I am now strongly visualising since the #MoneyMagic work with Fairy G.
Whatever it is, the combination of my fears of a very rapidly growing business and family turmoil that could leave me moving on and even having to leave my precious cats behind, has me realising on thing ... my self esteem and self worth are so easily shaken.

Don't get me wrong, I am focused and determined. I can keep juggling all the balls and holding it all together. Tonight is another massive career moment, yet today is going to be an emotional roller coaster ... but I get it all done. Not without a shaky esteem. Not without doubting myself and my choices. Not without fear & lack of self worth.

Then how incredible that today begins my 21 day online course called #TheGem with Fairy Godmother ...

The Gem Fairy Godmother

On most probably one of the most emotionally chaotic days of my life, I begin this incredibly empowering work. In the midst of my busiest time in my career, I start this amazing journey. Maybe years ago I would have run away and put this course on hold, but I've worked so hard on a strong and ethical relationship with myself. I've also worked on knowing that everything happens for a reason and ... timing is everything.

So follow my Tweets and my Facebook statuses on the hashtag, #TheGem and don't forget to visit The Official Fairy Godmother Site because it's never too late to do some incredible work with yourself.
Because most of the courses are online, you can be any anywhere in the world. We are all trying to live our own Project Me story and we all need a little help along the way ... and we could all do with a Fairy Godmother!

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