FML - project me day 492

7 May 2011

It's 11am and I tried to think what I had to do all morning ... it was this blog! FML

Had to set my alarm for a Saturday at 6:45am for a skype call ... that I sat and waited and waited ... and waited for! FML

Mother had a wedding first thing this morning and time isn't her friend but I'm a punctual freak ... she didn't get stressed out but I needed a drink by 10am! FML

With GPS on mobile phones and one in the car my brother must Google where to take my mother to the wedding. What does that have to do with me ? Nothing ... FML

My brother and mother get in the car and I sigh in relief. The hooter wakes the neighbourhood ... mom has left her bag inside and needs me to take it to the car. I'm wearing sock and it's raining! FML

The toaster never made it to the new house in the move. I had to make toast in the convection oven. FML

Facebook chat is sitting at the top of my screen with faces of online friends spread randomly across the screen and I can't fix it or talk to anyone. I'm Libran ... I need to talk! FML

I'm social networking for a company and set up a Direct Message to get followers to their website. I've done this for my blog thousands of times. All of a sudden I just can't create a link in a message. FML

I send out over 50 manual messages to new followers! I have thousand to do ... thousands! FML

I tried to make friends with an actual person that I know in real life and Facebook throws a message at me ... we can't take the risk of you making friends with anyone ... we think you aren't a real person! Me? Everything about me is real ... I fake nothing! FML

I burned the toast I made in the convection oven! FML

Still don't have a venue for project me day 500 and it's next Sunday. Going to check out a venue today ... but leaving in an hour and I haven't finished blogging or showered. Where the hell did the morning go? FML

Invites were supposed to go out on Friday for day 500 and now the will go out on Monday. I'm an organisational freak ... FML

I have a pimple on my nose! FML

4 comments on “FML - project me day 492”

  1. - and blog you did... 😉 Win!
    - early Saturday start, did you at least get some porn time in? 😉 cos... that would have helped time pas by
    - It's the weekend, I'm always drinking by 10am
    - he's Googling where to take your mother, nothing to do with you... Why care?
    - It's raining... did you at least get to splash in the puddles? Winter will truly be here and the rain will just stop. 🙁
    - Toast in the oven... sprinkle some cheese on top? After all, when you have to change what you do, might as well be inventive? 😉
    - Facebook chat... seems to be playing up across the board, think they're planning ANOTHER update... 🙂 use it as an opportunity to bond with IE again. It is for the better 😉 (on the other hand, try Rockmelt - Google it)
    - thousands, but, even the journey of 1,000 miles begins with just a single step. Then just keep putting one foot in front of the other.
    - Facebook's a machine, accept the fact that it'll never know if you are real or not. Hmmm... Fake nothing? 😉
    - Burnt toast, a luxury with my lousy toaster that barely warms the bread. FML...
    - A venue will present itself... and, time remains relative.
    - accept that there are certain things you can't control, and know that most of us already know that Sunday is the day... we're really just waiting on the details. (heck you could confirm those on Friday and it would be okay) - Really...

    "I have a pimple on my nose! FML" - could be on your bum! :p

    FML... wow... sounds like some pretty awesome opportunities... and that there are a few new skills to be learnt along the way.

    So... um... Follow My Lead, and take an awesome pill 😀

    Um... yeah, I'm just sayin'
    My recent post Home

    1. And so I say it once again ... You are My Yoda and I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have you in my life and as that annoying voice in my head shoving awesomeness pills down my throat all day!

      Luv u more than ice cream Robbie!

  2. That Robert fellow sure is a keeper....
    Ya, pimples on your bum sure do hurt...but so do ones on your
    hope you have a better Monday!

    1. That Robert really is a keeper 😉
      Monday was great ... thanks my friend! Have a beautiful week 😉

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