FollowSA goes nationwide - project me day 779

20 February 2012

I can't quite explain all the emotions that I've experienced over the last few days that was the #FollowSA weekend in Cape Town, but I'm sure going to try.

Firstly, damn, it's a shitload of work ... um ... yes that's my chosen word to best describe what I feel like now that Greggie and I are putting the final tasks to rest on the event that took Lifeology and ~FollowSA nationwide.

Wait, before I get all mushy with the thanks to everyone who made this event possible, I do have to totally indulge in my 'project me' moment of surviving a weekend with my adorable fiance, Pat Sloane and my smashing business partner, Greg Arthur. Wow, but we make a freakin' funtastic team and surprisingly, we didn't try and kill each other nearly as much as I thought we would. I'm taking credit for that because I can see how far I've come at realising that we are fantastic at what we do and that these #FollowSA events are in our blood and every breath we take.
While sandwiched between these two incredible men on our flights to and from Cape Town, I had to fight back a very mushy speech and a few tears at just how lucky one girl can get. I've never been one to do things on my own and I revel in partnerships to make things happen. A floor in my character ... not at all ... I'd say it's the smartest personality choice I made.

So now back to Cape Town and our first Tweetup outside of Joburg. I have to admit that everyone scared the hell out of me about Capetonians and I had a picture of no more than 10 of the 150 RSVP's arriving and then them only pitching up after 9pm, when the sun had finally set. Granted ... you guys do take your time arriving, but when you do, you're one amazing crowd. With a turnout of 90 people and the Tweets overflowing the whole night through, I have a new found love for ?the people who were once just a Tweet.

Of course, my highlight was putting faces to the names of so many Tweeple I have been chatting to for so long. There's a part of my personality that just wants to hug and finally get to say 'hi' to everyone I've met online and one of my Lifeology theories is that social media will never take away from our human need to just want to connect offline ... that's why #FollowSA is the success it is! It's not just me. I watched so many people meet for the first time, after so many Tweets back and forth and the timeline was just filled with connections finally being made.

Who says something can't be perfect? Because I had a weekend that was in every way possible and that's thanks to the people & brands who believe in Lifeology, FollowSA and Greg and myself. We know this will be the first of many Tweetups in Cape Town and a stepping stone to the rest of South Africa ... and it's thanks to you: for being our flight partner and Protea Hotels, Fire and Ice for being such gracious hosts and catering.
To Emmanuel Castis for your talent and generosity and for always supporting #FollowSA. The crowd adores you and so do we.

Lovoka, you have become a brand that seems to truly get around at a #FollowSA event and we are so grateful for your generous sponsorship once again.
Thank you for your passion and support and for sponsoring a prize our new friend, Irit Noble.
To the technical sponsors Audio Sure and CCPP Professional Productions for bringing the event together with much needed equipment.
Many thanks to the amazing prize givers: Lovoka, News Now Mag, Hout Bay Manor, ?Morgenster, Irit Noble and Bella Rouge. There prizes are always the highlight of the event and show the true power of Twitter and brand awareness, so thank you for having faith in #FollowSA to bring exposure to your brand through our events.

To the special people, Grant, Karen, Liam and Mitch who gave so generously of your time ... I'm so very grateful!

Here are all the pics of the event: #FollowSA #HowzitCPT

2 comments on “FollowSA goes nationwide - project me day 779”

  1. Hi Jodene,

    Thanks for the great function, it really was a super evening. I've met plenty of awesome Twitter folk.



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