Food for thought - project me day 511

26 May 2011

The standard 'project me' joke is that I say I don't complain often (but I do) and it's going to be a short blog (but it never is). So tonight I'm going to try not complain, but fok it's cold. Keeping it short might be on the cards because I've had a very offish day!

Of course I didn't tell anyone around me, but it's also why I've left blogging until the very last moment.

Blog wise, it's been so exciting that I don't quite know what to do with myself, so let's share the positive. Today I got to interview Stephen van Niekerk for Your Project Me Story. For my international friends, he is one awesome South African actor and I have been honoured to get to know Stephen and slowly share my passion for blogging and social networking and its endless possibilities with him. When everything fell into place and one of the charities he supports had it's national day on the same day as the scheduled interview (ok, I coordinated that a little), I woke up so excited.

The rest of me woke up freezing cold and irritated that the landlords haven't sorted out what they promised to and I ended up acting like a big baby and sleeping with my mom behind locked doors last night, because the alarm still isn't working.

Back to the excited part of me that had a glimmer of being a part of the National Soup Day in Stephen's featured post. The whole start to the day got me thinking and I couldn't quite shake the feeling that a part of 'project me' will always be the platform to allow others the use it as a voice. I'm very stuck on not calling people needy, less fortunate and I watch how I use the word charity.
In combination with the build up to the Twitter Blanket Drive and the CANSA event that Lifeology is a part of and that my very talented business partner, Greg Arthur is singing in, I felt the need to explain what 'charity' means to me. I won't do it tonight because I said I wasn't in the blogging mood, but I know it's going to become an integral message in 'project me'.

Tomorrow is Greggie's birthday and it's dinner at my house. My dearest friend, Hustler Girl is stressed because life is in that scary about to fall over the edge part of the journey. So the other part of my day was filled with what to cook for my special friends in the combination of happy and scary times. Last night I invented an awesome recipe of chopped herbs, lemon, garlic, chilli and reduced fat cream for the grilled chicken. Of course it was a hit, but I can't repeat one day later ... sigh! That also got me thinking that it seriously is time to start recording some of my recipes. As a Pagan witchin' in the kitchen, I should be ...

I'm obviously very nervous to begin 'project body' and I've decided to start it when we return from Cape Town on the 14th of June. Oh, did I forget to tell you that? Thanks to the incredible peeps of 6 on Thirteenth, Greggie and I are off to combine some work and writing (well, I'm writing) for a good few days. In the time that I have been writing my novel, two of my friends have published theirs. My dad was still alive when I started writing it ... I mean really! So it's time to get down and do it and I'm hoping a wet winter in Cape Town is the perfect place.

Okay, about 200 words short of normal ... but about 400 words more than planned! See you all on day 512 ... the big Birthday!

6 comments on “Food for thought - project me day 511”

  1. What I want to know is how on earth do you write so much and keep writing so much? I find it so hard to write at times and end up giving up but you manage to spring words that are so alive every day!
    My recent post Well I Slept In The End

    1. It really is a commitment to blog daily and one not to be taken lightly. There are days I could just cry at the thought of writing, but those are usually the days I churn out the best posts! Embrace it and just go for it ... no regrets 😉

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