For a girl who is never speechless - project me day 397

1 February 2011
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I know that I have the potential to have overly dramatic moments and days filled with a little too much chaos. I also know that I make good of those moments whether it's a seriously grown up lesson or I learn to laugh at myself and life a little bit more.

Usually a good night's sleep does wonders and sitting down to blog is even more calming and enlightening.
Very seldom are there days like these. The disillusioned ones. The WTF was that all about ones. The I'm speechless ones.
My day started off with a few "I don't wanna's" and "This isn't gonna be good" concerns floating through my head. That's my crisis today ... My damn intuition!

In my nearly 400 days of blogging I have never spoken about my intuition. I have never told you just how accurate I am on more than one?occasion. We all have it, but it's how you develop it and what we do with it. I've listened to, respected and sometimes even feared my intuition for years. I used to keep quite about it because I have no intention of being the "I told you so" girl, but part of 'project me' and living within my truth is express the things that I am concerned about or know aren't going to turn out so kosher.

Boys, sibling rivalry, other people's poor judgement ... the list goes on ... it all whacked me as the day dwindled to an end yesterday so that by the time I drifted off to sleep I was drained, frustrated and upset.

This is where 'project me' has to kick in like never before. I have weeks ahead of me where I have to hold my head up high and days in front of me where I can't let anyone's actions waver my self esteem. I know me! I check my integrity at every moment (otherwise what would 'project me' be for anyway). I tell myself the truth and accept when I'm wrong. I make changes to those wrongs and I grow to not make those same mistakes again. I also know that there is a reason why my intuition is so strong ... now I just have to figure out what to do with it, because surely I wouldn't have moments like last night if I were using it wisely. Or ... is that me just being mean to me?

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