Four hundred and forty winks - project me day 314

12 November 2010

I have got such a beautiful 'project me' experience to share about my night at 93 on Jan Smuts, but it seems that will have to wait until tomorrow because I have pics to add and stories to tell.
I have been trying to blog since about 10 am this morning with no luck ... and it's the fault of 93.

One whiff of relaxation and I have been totally useless today. My intentions have been fabulous, but everything is on a go slow.

After my half hearted attempt at getting dressed and faking a fresh and sparkling attitude for the morning, I was a little relieved that my mid-morning meeting was canceled. I'm sad that my friend smashed her car up, but didn't mind the reschedule.
After squeezing in a touch of shopping and not forgetting the blueberry muffin, my body said: "I'm done!" and I couldn't get home fast enough.

Irvin is in Salt Rock and very eagerly keeping us updated on what we can expect for our holiday. My room is so pretty and we are right by the sea. I only found that out way past 4pm because my 40 winks turned into a total afternoon siesta.

Trust me, I had intention of blogging, half packing for the holiday, doing some emails and maybe flirting with someone online. Nothing .... nada ... I just slept and let my body take over where it left off in that yummy bed at 93. Still, that's for tomorrow.

I've dinnered with my friends and totally faked how exhausted I was because I didn't want to miss the beautiful company, but now it's time to listen to this bod of mine and SLEEP!

Good night, good day ... wherever you are!

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