Friday the 13th - Project me day 224

13 August 2010

How was your Friday the 13th?
Mine was a far from a Freddie Kruger nightmare than I ever could have imagined.

Okay the fact that my back has given up on me is a nightmare but then again it's forcing me to go back to gym because it feels so good when I stretch after a nice run. Commitment ... I just need a little more consistency and commitment and my if I don't do it with consciousness then my body gives me the finger ... clearly.

On my way to gym I thought about what the hell Friday the 13th even means and what the superstitions are around it. I was convinced that Jewish peeps thought it was lucky ... or is that just my mom?
Then my mind totally got distracted about the other superstitions that I used to believe as a child and the ones that some people around me still believe. Greggie's mom has some rocking ones and I hope he drops a comment to share one or two.

I remember my mom turning pale if we opened and umbrella in the house, put shoes on the bed, broke a mirror or had our heads facing the door ... or was it the wall? I had another friend who's mother would never have only red and white flowers and would make someone dash off to the garden and pick a coloured flower to shove in the vase.

Now it's your turn ... what superstitions do you have to share with me?

And while you are at it, tell me what all the fuss is with Friday the 13th!!

4 comments on “Friday the 13th - Project me day 224”

  1. Never really been a superstitous person, but I have to confess that I am a creature of insane habbit. Should things be out of the ordinary I very quickly become uncomfortable.

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