Friends, soccer fans and a little Grease - project me day 152

3 June 2010

I had a day of forcing myself to get through everything. As bad as that sounds, I woke up not wanting to face the day and then realised I had two choices. Pull the covers over my head and hide away or get up, go to gym and face the day and all the things that are frightening in my little world.

I opted to pull the covers back over my head, but thanks to my 'I don't fail' attitude, that didn't last very long. Ok ... so it was nearly 8am, but hey, I did feel a spark of enthusiasm. No, I didn't! I forced the enthusiasm. I forced myself to meditate and then forced myself to get up and get dressed for gym. It took me a whole lot of time to get dressed, I might add ... and that I didn't force. When I finally headed off, I passed Greggie as I arrived at the gym and felt a pang of guilt that I was only arriving while he was heading home to start the day.

Hang on ... that's one of my biggest challenges during my 'project me' year! I'm not gonna be mean to myself. Well, I'm gonna do my best at attempting not to be mean to myself. So I have myself the morning and forced a little super circuit that strangely?invigorated?me and inspired me to do some treadmill too.

It went back to forcing myself to get ready for work, which I half did and left my face in the bag. Yep ... no make-up scary face and greasy gym hair.

My friends love me, so they won't mind me saying that I had to force myself to go home and get ready for a night out with them. It was a special?occasion?with Risky Business, E, tattoo chick, Greggie and me because we went to go see Grease to celebrate Greggie's birthday.
That's the real Grease ... the musical ... not my greasy hair. I actually went home and washed that.

There's nothing like singing along to a little 'shoo bop shoo wadda wadda yipitty boom de boom' to set the stage for a change in mood.

Freak ... it's getting freezing in Sunny South Africa, and just in time for all us singles (Besides E, but her man is away so she's allowed to join) to be welcoming all the tourists and soccer fans to our friends country. I've never denied my loopiness of that of my friends and if last night was anything to go by then you'll find us hanging out in hotel lobbies, bars, pubs and foreign exchange for the next month and a bit.

It's so amazing to not be insecure nerdy girl who shy'd away from a little flirting, a lot of giggling and even more 'spot the tourist' fun!

This couldn't have come at a better time from me, considering that Greggie and I have realised that the foundation for Lifeology are laid. If ever I've needed to make sure that I don't get to serious, forget the fun and fall back into being a workaholic, it's now. So along with laptop and vuvuzela ... it's time to make some noise, do some marketing and Go, Go, Go ... Grease lightening!!!

10 comments on “Friends, soccer fans and a little Grease - project me day 152”

  1. Ah Grease, have never seen the play but have watched the movie a ton.

    I hate those mornings where you just don't want face the day. If it were up to me, I'd probably stay there most of the time, but I have two munchkins who refuse to let me. Go you for sticking to your goal and trudging on.
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  2. I enjoy your blog. Thank you for your honesty, it's refreshing!

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