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26 February 2013
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Something's changing!
Things have got to change!

Yikes ... there's change.

The more I speak to people, the less alone I feel in the world. On the very rare?occasion I throw out a ?Tweet that lets all the vulnerability hang out and I had one of those moments on Sunday. It was in the midst of a rush to get a proposal out, with the week's events ahead just a few hours away. I still turn to food when there's a mini meltdown, but at least this time it was only roasted corn and not a tub of ice cream.

So the Tweet was about stressing myself for no damn reason ... and the responses came flooding back with so many people who do the same thing. At the same time, I kept reminding myself that I'm doing it. I'm actually, finally, really settled into what I want to do and what I am so damn passionate about.

Well then of course the fall over, butterflies galore, I could just throw up from anxiety kinda moment.

All that being said, I have kept myself going with focus and excitement. It's been an interesting adjustment going to meeting and talking business without Greggie (figuratively) at my side and it's also taken a while for me to realise that I don't need to call on Greggie every two mines and that if I did, he would be there.

So I set up meetings and made plans and have been out and about, making things happen. I can feel the absolute focus on what I do and talk about social media publicity with the passion that has also helped me perfectly mold myself into the role. People get what I do and love what I do. I'm also talking more and more about the social media ambassadors and @GiddyFreedom and I are working like crazy to get our presentation ready to hit the world with our services.

In Entertainment gals#FollowSA in Cape Town last year led us to meet the amazing @MsNoble who is in Jozi with her partner in @InEntertainmint, Astrid. We met last week, a few days before we met again because neither Greggie nor Ms to cope not seeing each other. Sunday brunching and chatting very exciting plans for the future kicked off my butterflies ... which started with excitement, then turned to terror and now back to blissful excitement.

Butterflies galore must be so common with Entrepreneurs and I would like one to stand up and tell me that they didn't start their new venture without a ton of anxiety and absolute fear. Those who push through and take the grand leap of faith, end up having the time of their lives.

Some of those people are very dear to Greggie and I. @CollettDawson and @Cito1974 and #FollowSA joined forces last year to end off our year with a very special collaborative event. We have great plans to do work together, but the past few months have been about us waiting for an exciting announcement from these two. Last night was that and the launch of their new company, The Colab Network!!! It was such a proud and exciting moment and while Collett was saluted for her 21 years in her industry, I held on to what it must be like to be so rooted in a passion and then witness where that passion takes you in your life. In the past, I would have had doubts and felt a little lost, but I felt those roots deep in the ground and had one of the best nights out in ages, for so many reasons.

555069_10151537111959369_1272694901_nWith friend, new and old, and each one has been a connection through Twitter.

Yesterday my oldest sis told me she just doesn't get it ... Twitter!! Neither did I until I made my first real connection ... first good friend ... first secure meeting ... first job opportunity!

liesl and chef andrewToday I had coffee with some of those amazing people I met on Twitter. @Liesldb was one of the first girl friends I met among the tweets. It was one of those easy bonding kinda friendships and now we are both flying solo (that means single), settling into exciting plans for our futures and wanting to have a whole lot of fun together.
@ChefAndrewR is just the warmest, most supportive and guys around ... oh, and he cooks better than Jamie Oliver (in my personal opinion). I admire the commitment to everything he does and see exciting ways that our career paths are gonna cross. I do believe that entails eating more of his delicious food ... and happily Tweeting about it.

In other news ... there is something else I really want to make happen. It's time to turn this blog on it's head and I've been trying to figure out a way to do it for a while ... I have a plan, but need to get some help from a techno wizz, so watch this space.

Absolutely lastly (does that make sense??) I was interviewed by @BruceMubayiwa, a Linkedin coach, about my experience and use of Linkedin. I hesitated for a moment, because I know I don't use it nearly as much or well as I should, but once again, I threw myself out there and just went with the truth: Me and Linkedin




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