Give it away – project me post 943

Give it away – project me post 943

To get you have to give? away … an idea, a discount, cup of coffee, free advice, trade of service and sometimes an opportunity because everything comes back in immeasurable return!

A fair trade of social media strategy for a cup of coffee and a t-shirt with Branson Centre entrepreneurs, Keith from Ubuntuism


Jodene is a business owner, motivational speaker and writer who dispels the manifestation myths in the individual's endeavor to master the art of the law of attraction. She redefines the life coach in her approach to achieving happiness, fulfillment and abundance as the ultimate goal of personal development.

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  1. Raksha

    That’s wonderful! You really do walk the talk lovely lady 🙂

    1. jodene

      That means so much, thank you hunny 🙂

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