Good rush and the other kind - project me day 228

18 August 2010

There will be two blogs today considering I didn't have time to do one yesterday and only just managed to remember to breathe. Don't panic, I didn't forget to eat though! Why wasn't I born like the others who lose their appetite when things get scary, exciting and slightly emotional?

It's officially exciting and overwhelming. I'm getting what I asked for and don't know whether to giggle with additional excitement while I shout "woo hoo" or burst out crying after each "whoop whoop".

Yesterday, I literally didn't have time to think and totally overshot my ability to manipulate time. I planned to blog first thing in the morning but that didn't happen because we had our first meeting to pitch THE FOUNDATION - to self help to a corparate company ... a bank to be precise! I can't say that didn't take a whole lot of boldness because it started with a flat our "no" and Greggie and I worked our magic until we were sitting with a "maybe" and "send me more info". What a rush ... the good kind!

Rushing to grab a bite to eat before our next meeting and Greggie received a call from a special friend of our who initially put us in touch with the bank dude. I seems that this particular special friend who works for that very bank had plans to book us for our first corporate talk. Huge rush ... woo hoo! Greggie go all excited about adapting the talk to the audience and I frantically started waving down the waitress to bring me muffins or cakes or both.

The pain in my back is a damn pain in the neck and I squirmed my way through both the meeting and lunch before deciding that I needed Greggie's help. It might have been a little?inappropriate asking him to sit on me when we got home, while standing in a long line waiting to pay for parking. His gay eyes gave that "don't ruin my reputation" look and I just giggled in my usuals manner and didn't quite understand why the world isn't always on the same page as me.

The second meeting was super special and will all be revealed in the second blog I do today before I rush off to spend some time with Mr Big. Now that's a rush I'm so looking forward to. However, the tables have turned for the first time ever and I'm the one with the rush of emotion, frustration and exhaustion. I'm the one with the aching body and the need for some TLC and I'm not sure if that amount of TLC falls into the realms of friends with benefits.
On that note, I haven't blogged this month and have three of them to churn out between my first attempt at writing for NewsTime and having being asked to submit two other articles to other online website. It's so exciting and I'm so blessed to have all of the opportunities ... but did the flood gates really have to open and rush into my life overnight?

Yes ... I'm getting exactly what I asked for and so grateful that I don't know what to do with myself.
I even got a response from the editor of the 'glossy' magazine who said we would touch base next week. After all the advice to leave the 'glossies' and start small ... what a rush!

Well the rush in continuing and I'm dashing off to write that first NewsTime piece with so much excitement and even more butterflies in the tummy.

I guess 'project me' is my thrilling drug of choice ... what a rush!

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