Got it! Did it! It's time - project me day 641

7 October 2011
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I don't have long to blog because my bedroom has been turned into a secret love haven with a bedtime picnic waiting for when Mr Unexpected gets home. Um ... I hope he's too busy to read this blog before home time!

He finished paying off his car today ... whoo hoo!!! It's been hanging over my dear man's head for ages and all I hear about are all the plans and all the things and the 'slush' fun and the piggy box (I really have a piggy) ... and he deserves a very big spoiling because I watch him decide to do something and he doesn't stop till it's done. So it's all his favourites (including me) to celebrate tonight.

There are more reasons to pop open the non alcoholic champage, aka grape juice because some one (of course not me) doesn't drink.


I'm so excited. I can't wait to move to somewhere that feels safe. More than anything, I can't wait for Mr Unexpected and me to make this move together so that it's OUR house! Did I tell you that I fall a little more in love every day?

Then the whopper ... Greggie's coming home tomorrow! Wow, time flies. I seriously can't believe it's been a month. So much has happened. I don't feel like I'm the same girl that he left behind, yet on the other hand it feels like I saw him a week ago.
It's hit the ground running on Monday with proposals, meetings, more meetings and exciting realisations about Lifeology that I know will be awesome.

Tomorrow is the Jewish fast... but I don't do it! The rest of the family does so we are off to my little sis's new house to end it.

Sunday is mom's birthday and it's family dinner on Sunday night ... then Monday we get the keys to OUR new home!

I'd say 'project me' is going swimmingly well indeed!

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